I have some points: why the horizon line is flat at …

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i have some points:

why the horizon line is flat at highest altitude, unless recorded by a fish eye lense

why NASA sattelite, ISS cameras never show panned image while travelling around earth

why zooming a telescope at a ship descending over the horizon, the mast of the ship reappears

why the images of ocean current seem complicated in a round earth model but simple and logical in flat earth.

why there are bubbles seen inside ISS and chinese space program

some other related:

why astral projectors frequently report in out of body state passing through galaxies like points of light and reached a barrier that cant be breached.

why hindu philosophy and astrology describes planets and sun revolving around earth, a geo-centric model.

why un logo has flat earth map

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this interview with mystic Robert Bruce:

at some point he talks about the edge of the universe

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