Look, delete both my posts if you like, I was …

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Look, delete both my posts if you like, I was only trying to get the information to you. You suggested a link between the church and science, well this priest does both. His name is George Lemaitre. The good father, lol, seems to be involved in a lot of “science??” to prove to the world about a huge universe, a huge time frame, huge distances and evolution. “Gravity and Inertia in a machian framework” by J.B Barbour and B. Bertotti Istituto di Fisica Teorica dell Universita – Pavia. March 11, 1977. Makes a good read.

The Observational Approach to Cosmology 1937

Are the books I was talking about. The reason they keep up this fraud is that if they allow here model of science to fall, long ages falls, evolution falls, there whole house of cards. Yes it is religious to them. Please look into these things when you have time.
Again, keep up the excellent work.

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Love your stuff, might I suggest that you download the two books Hubble wrote. He describes that he had two choices and didn’t like the obvious one which would put the earth at the centre of the universe. Thankfully with help from the good Jesuit father who also brought us the peking man “spelt wrong I know” and that one with the orangitang “spelt wrong again” jaw filed down to add to a human skull. I forget what it’s called and I don’t have time to look into my own records at the moment. This one priest was in the background of a fraud, then another ape man thing that disappeared, but they have the pic’s. He is friends with Einstien lots of pics of the two of them together. He helps Hubble, go figure, does the math to make redshift become expanding space. Smell something bad??? Please look into it, I have downloaded the books myself as they are free in pdf format.
Keep up the good work and pls forgive my spelling errors at this time.

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