This is completely ridiculous you can see stars in space …

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This is completely ridiculous you can see stars in space and the reason when you can’t IS light pollution.

Actually, yes, astronauts can see stars in space. You can reproduce the experiment.

Wait while a clear night, then look out of your window from a lit room. You’ll be able to see, not immediately, but you will eventually see first magnitude stars. I can see Vega and Deneb if I go to the window, but I can’t see them when sat on the sofa..

This relies on being on the side of the craft which is not facing Earth or the Sun, which then reproduces almost exactly the conditions in a lit room at night.

Of course it’s much easier with the lights off.

If the Earth or Sun are in view, there’s NO way that any stars will be visible. Even the moon is difficult when the Sun is in view.

Edit: On the surface of the moon (or any other airless body at daytime), this would also be possible, though difficult. The astronaut would need to stand with his back to the Sun and look up enough as to not be able to see the daylight landscape.

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