I’ll try posting a pic of the ‘hollow earth?’ globe …

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I’ll try posting a pic of the ‘hollow earth?’ globe in the vatican courtyard…
Maybe just a link…


They also love Egyptian obelisks and lion statues. Not very ‘christian. More like Washington DC.

Anyway, they are trying to tell us something I think.

I will look into the guy who talks about light being invisible in space.

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I only caught the dubai LAX flight once it was some way south. It was very far north and heading into canada. Dunno if it had passed exactly over the geometric north pole. I could try having a flight mapper open all the time and monitor it. I didn’t see any flights passing close to the south pole.
I was getting carried away I think saying there isn’t a south pole. ( and maybe mixing my earth models…. the sin of it!).

Rumours abound about the south pole for sure. Hard to verify for ordinary folk.

Maybe worth looking at a physical globe, to check the aledged alignment of the straightest path between those flight destinations.

Funny how SA to NZ isn’t flown direct, as it says in that wiki link. They do seem to just slightly avoid the exact north pole as well, as you said.

BTW, did you ever cover the’ round earth’ shadow that appears to eclipse the moon? Its used to debunk non-standard earth models.

Peter lindemann spoke to astronauts, he said. I’m currently trawling through a long vid of his from 2001, about free energy research in the 60’s and 70’s. That seems to be his background.

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Yes, Its taken me years to get through the cognitive dissonance and conspiracy theories ( which are unfortunatley driven in part by peoples internal alienation and blind assumption that all authorities are bad, …weak grounding in ones personal life co-creating paranoia).

That mass dynamic makes ‘us’ easy prey for disinfo , (extra!)ridicule and not asking the question ‘what’, if anything really occurred. Plenty of evidence does tend to surface confirming ones assumptions, whether its official disinfo or just a natural law of seeing confirmation of what one believes. A ‘Trap’ indeed for the ones who question…misdirection, cheapest and most effective magic trick ever.

Cluesforum looks very good for asking that question, but its breadth overloads my mind at the moment.

I just realised I still have an assumption ‘they’ have etheric tech, eg. free energy and anti gravity etc, a hidden space program. If so, I guess they would need some rocket powered theatrics that they could use for show. Off topic rabbit hole tho!!

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Rested my brain a few days…and back again..

Some useful tools: skytracker24 or similar …real time aircraft flights world wide. They certainly avoid the ‘southpole’, guess cos it doesn’t exist. It would be quicker on a globe from NZ to SA to drop over antarctica.
There are a few flights i noticed over the north pole though, Dubai to LAX.

Some great vids on immortalsouls youtube channel, I saw one that looked like old leaked NASA transmission of ‘earth as a small blue globe thru cabin window’..then showed blackout card being removed from window..and a flood of light from a huge earth filling whole window.

Re shuttle and glass sky, I been pinging between deciding on a layer of glass shards at 60miles up, and a solid glass sphere.
Shuttle-wise, I’m not convinced it would survive ‘smashing’ or skimming and melting thru a thick tough glass layer.

Those heat protective tiles it has do seem like the real deal, could maybe allow it to survive a long time in furnace conditions in thermosphere, and of course ‘re-entry’ whatever that means.

Do they blow holes in the glass first? Or track existing holes and use those?

( upper atmosphere nuke tests in 1960’s i think?)

The shuttle would seem well designed to speed thru a layer of billions of glass particles without melting itself.
That would mean a ‘levitating’ cloud of glass bits tho?!

A solid glass layer, I worked out, would probably not even have to levitate as such, it could just remain in place due to its being a complete sphere, hence it can’t fall in any direction, forces balance out. A few holes here and there would probably not affect it much.
( assuming the concave earth model)

I think there may be barriers or issues with going further than a few hundred km into ‘space’ as you say, I see no trustable evidence for our exploits other than vids of the shuttle launch zooming way above aircraft height and rolling over into the start of a parabolic curve. Maybe some older craft hopped along for few minutes just under 100km, and filmed some real (if fisheyed!) footage as well.

Potentially some unmanned craft built like a brickshithouse could survive it all and gather real data from much further ‘up’. But they ain’t gonna show us diddly real info from those if they don’t want to. The rest is hollywood.

I guess you are still writing your next article about gravity and whatever else you are chewing on. I do understand that as one goes a bit deeper, the number of possible questions and possible solutions becomes brain frying.

Eg. in a non-standard earth model, how do objects (even just glowing asteroids) stay up there, what are the forces? If its not a convex globe, then u can’t invoke ‘falling at 10m/s2’ in a circular orbit. That explaination is very elegant, part of me wishes it were true.

Although, having watched a peter lindmeann vid, he says our view from down here is created entirely in the ‘upper atmosphere’, diffraction is needed to see a light source in a vacuum. So planets or whites dots passing over at night are only images we see down here. He said the sun is not visible to the eye in space, requires a diffraction screen on windows to see it. An that we see a white circle and a blue background sky down here, that is how our upper atmosphere splits the ‘light’ from the sun.

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Is the moon an optical illusion?
Well, the moon does appear the same size as the sun. Its an odd one, cos it seems to affect tides, and focaults pendulum at lunar eclipses.

There are old astrological ideas about the nodes of the moon being important. They are the places in the sky, where if the moon crosses them, it goes into shadow. One node shadows the moon, the other shadows the sun.

Space machines do not orbit the Earth
I would think that sat dishes near the equator should point straight up or near enough……anyone know? google street view?

Space machines do not orbit the Earth
Something I thought of many months back….

‘Satellite’ TV dishes on houses etc ….. it may be possible to infer what they are pointing at from their angle.

In the UK they point almost horizontally, and due south. ( thats what I assume from the angle of their reflectors).
Incidently, many many sat dishes point at a wall, having little or no line of sight to anything. Suggesting they are picking up quite a long wave signal that will bend and bounce I guess.

They do seem to point roughly whare you would expect them to for satellites in equitorial geostationary positions. ( I need to check details of alledged distance from earth, and re-visit the 3D thought exp of what angle a dish needs to point from UK to hit their signal.

I spose if attached to glass sky sats were used, they could be put at the correct lat./longitude to give impression of geostationary sats. …but then …different regions would need a few different ATS sats to create that illusion.

Anyhow, this sat dish thing must throw something up …

Concave Earth Theory
Thanks, Good to know people have done those horizon videos.

Re the ‘earth’s shadow passing accross the moon’ during a lunar eclipse … here’s a link to a vid, showing that happening…it should start at the relevant point, its only 2mins long..

The standard model says this shadow is caused when the earth passes between the sun and moon ( only when the moon is at the correct ‘height’, so not every full moon).

The flat earther ‘theNASAchannel’ says this shadow is caused by another unseen object, not the earth. I believe Steven christopher says it happens when the moon passes thru a ‘dead zone’ where its image dims or disappears.

It is commonly used as evidence that the earth is a ball shape.

Concave Earth Theory
Ok, I’ve actually read this article properly now.
My current contribution from flight paths on flighttracker is that the earth is curved overr large distances. London to vancouver tracks way north of a ‘straight’ line , curving in an arc over Greenland.

Assuming our maps are ok, this does suggest the airlines are following some roughly globe shaped terrain to get the shortest flight time.

Southern hemisphere seems not to have any relevant flights so far.

Your article does evidence it being a concave sphere (ish).

Some good binoculars + video cam + tripod + ship tracker app would create a viable repeat of those horizon experiments.

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