I was believer in concave Earth for a long time. …

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I was believer in concave Earth for a long time. Several months and on my forum we were discussing that theory for many pages.

However we were making one basic mistake. often made in many different fields. If one theory is wrong, the alternative one MUST be true. Not so. Not supported by verifiable facts the other is still a theory.

So with concave theory we have exactly the same trend. Any problem for Heliocentric system is a plus for concave.

Unfortunately concave does not have a single evidence of the surface of the Earth being a concave.

Flat Earth is flooded with proofs. Every plane journey showing the Earth is flat. Every picture from longer distances proving that Earth is flat. Plane schedules plane flights are all proving the flat Earth.

Example: Every 400 km travel by a plane in concave Earth would change a heights of the plane – 10 KM!!!!

So every plane should be flying constantly up to be always 10 km above the Earth because otherwise the plane will hit the ground.

400 KM is just 0/5 hour of flying. So every 0/5 hrs the plane have to change drastically course from flat into always going up!

And that is not happening. So that’s another proof, that surface of Earth is flat.

Second biggest problem is- what about sky, etc. etc. Don’t care. I’m talking about flat surface of Earth and I don’t know anything about astronomy, as…NASA have no idea either. So don’t expect me to prove astronomy. We have no idea what Sun is.

So what chances we have to prove astronomy in case of flat Earth.

But… flat surface of Earth can be proven 100%.

Being 10 km up in the air we would have to be able to see a concave with height – 10 KM.

Any pics of that? Never saw a one pic showing a concave Earth.

Kind regards…

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Concave Earth Theory
Movement of space is irrelevant. Important is movement of the Sun and if the Sun moves away, it looks like is going down, but in reality Sun goes up.

So the movement of sphere or Karman line is not important.

My post was second in the row and I don’t know, why the first on is not displayed. Was rather big one.

Anyway, please look at my last two posts in my forum in this link.


I have illustrated angles of Sun rays above Equator and tropic of Capricorn and tropic of Cancer.

These angles are very solid and very easy to demonstrate, that the Sun is very close to Earth.

If it’s proven, that is so, there is not Heliocentric system, because small Sun can’t hold Earth on it’s orbit!

All modern astronomy is gone! Take a good look on two set’s of pics and if you have any questions, we can discuss this on Skype. My English spoken is much better that written! So don’t be afraid! πŸ˜€

You have my email so… but I’m sure you can figure it out what I’m trying to say in Polish on my forum! No one even tried to question this idea. πŸ™‚

Concave Earth Theory
One more thing.


Here I have made illustrations, how we see the Sun going up and down while in reality the Sun goes in the opposite direction.

Check pics with blue background, white circle and yellow the Sun.

It represents white ball with flat or ball of the Sun, moving away from us.

Take any ball and put a bigger dot and turn the way shown on these pics.

You will see clear the sunset and sunrise and all makes sense! πŸ˜€

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