So where exactly are the stars lets say being generated …

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So where exactly are the stars lets say being generated from. Lik a projector and spread out? Are they possibly light reflections of the life that lives in here hence us and being filed in the glass ceiling somehow? I find still that lets say the stars are not “out there” but that they still hold very powerful keys of some sort. In other words..there def not placed there at random. They must have a significance to there placement and each there own size and light vibration. The orion belt is matched directly to the pyramids of giza. And at one time they were linked directly above them. Could they be a form of interdimensional key that acceses other intelligences within the sphere? As in a marker to know where to target ur frequency? And again. Could we be fragments of wat were staring at in the sky? Meaning we are the millenia of composed star light material? Is the glass a form of sophisticated memory technology holding records of our past? All information being light. It would make sense that the memory banks are simply light codes to us being viewed as “stars”

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There is glass in the sky
Astronomy is false made bullshit. There is no fukn space. I bet you still beilive ur living on a ball earth also right? Being pulled down by gravity? Orbiting at thousands of miles an hour and yet water remains level yea? Physics? Pff! Lmao

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