The stars are up there, I am convinced. The problem …

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The stars are up there, I am convinced. The problem with observing them at higher altitudes is not only the ice, which I described in my video, being attached to the glass sky and transforming from a translucent crystalline state to tranparent amorphous state daily, but also the amount of luminiferous ether (or lack thereof) at higher altitudes, which must somehow prevent the observers from seeing fainter lights such as stars being not immersed in the higher concentration of the ether at ground level.

Hence the high concentration of luminiferous ether allows a visual boost of the heavens at ground level, and the gradual taper off of the ether at high altitudes prevents the fainter lights such as stars from being observed.

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um…no there, wh, as much as you would like to think you’re the authority on this subject, y’aint. I add a few features on you that I don’t particularly care about.
get right with the Lord.

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Well glad you are open to the possibilities of the visual enhancements that the (*luminiferous) ether may possess, since it was not mentioned at all in this article until I brought it up. I would like to think of it as a medium that ENHANCES optics similar to a filter that allows one to see further up into the sky. Keep it mind, TR.

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haha, elementary!
I will have to use that sometime in the future to explain πŸ™‚

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