I believe the stars are some kind of fiber optic …

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I believe the stars are some kind of fiber optic type things where we’re only seeing the ends of or tops of, I don’t know but a good suggestion. What we think of up , could be down and down is up. All the opposites at the same time. Everything is proven to be space, so just like time , it’s non linear and linear at the same time. So space and time is relative to the observer, like the horizon always rises respective to the observers perspective. See respective and perspective, it’s all wordplay because they can’t lie to us directly, the people who deceive us follow a code that honors universal truth and laws, so they tell us the truth but in letters and numbers and symbols, indirectly. It’s our job to see it and watch the patterns, in a way it’s evil but it also wakes people up , so to me it’s non duality, unfolding. Truth is , it’s neither this or that, its this and that. In time there’s only this moment, and in space there’s only this point. The point is your perspective, and the time is your moment. It seems subtle but it’s infinite. The flat earth theory is just a representation of how we view the world and universe. Everyday life is just a symbol of our minds. Trying to convince someone else to believe you is the same as what your opposition is doing. Truth cannot be made into something, truth is only reflected, the reflection can be distorted, but it’s always the truth on some level. To me , my sight is squared and flat, 2 dimensional, but the light and movement of the sun and our own movement and others movement, causes us to think everything is 3rd dimensional. Therefore causing change and reinforcing the concept of time which makes us believe we get old and die. We age and die because that’s what’s being forced upon us, see, time isn’t bad because we need it to make a connection, but that’s it !! Space isn’t bad because we need it to move around. They’re tools and that’s it. All these tools have been given to us but someone found this out and manipulated the truth with lies. Time and space can be fun to play with but it’s been turned against us. We live in a giant clock , if everything presented is believed. True reality isnt fixed , it’s all up to the observer how he or she wants to experience life. Death is another concept that creates fear, and all negativity stems from fear of death. Death is like birth, but how the collective consciousness is, we teach our own kids to live in fear , instead of teaching them that we create our own reality and that when the physical body dies we come back knowing and being taught by totally different parents, if we all knew , that we create our own realities, but share it peacefully with other people. Life has no opposites, the opposite of death is birth and birth is death. Life is infinite yet not clearly seen finite. But then again God doesn’t want to be told he’s God he or she wants to find out for themselves. The power and wisdom knowing without doubt you are the center and zero point of all that is, is just speechless, pure silence, spacious awareness. See the collapse of all creation happens to you . The big bang is happening right now all the time, respective of perspective. And what was before the big bang?? well… it was you not knowing who you were. The universe only exist because you are aware of it. The physical birth was the big bang and didn’t need any explanations. The next big bang is the mental big bang , that you are the cause of everything happening.

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