POLARIS – SIGMA OCTANTIS (rearrange letters): *** IT IS CGI …

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POLARIS – SIGMA OCTANTIS (rearrange letters): *** IT IS CGI TOO PLANAR MASS ***!

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Lord Steven Christ’s current videos claim his experiment REFUTES the RECTINLINEATOR (April Fools)… I told you guys along time ago STEVEN is just playing games with you… How does the SUN SET on the model Steve gives you? I told Steven along time ago he was full of shit (and he banned me)….. RECTILINEATOR —–> CYRUS REED TWEED — ULYSSES GRANT MORROW (rearrange letters): *** SORRY: SLY DEEDS WERE RUN GAY TO RECTUM *** Lets add in the word rectilineator into the mix, we get: **** TURD MYSTERY LOSERS: SEE WATER – GROUND IS LINEAR CORRECT ****! Over a year ago, I chatted with you and you said your data could conform to a PLANE!

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