WH, What is your opinion on this video, exactly what could …

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What is your opinion on this video, exactly what could have happened? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wNyyMpwGs8g

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Is the Sun a light-bulb?
If you team up with flat earthers & concave earthers on different channels and forums, you can create a gofundme page for the construction of a rocket that may take years to finish, but will provide the ultimate information to either prove or disprove your theories.

What I’m speaking of, is not an advanced rocket. It’s a rocket that we, non-NASA non-ESA people can create, given time and money. It will be capable of doing flight to 100 km, where the glass is located, if it does exist.

It should be equipped with several information gathering devices such as pressure meter on the top of the rocket, hit detector, altitude meter and video recorder, among others. It sounds far off, but I see no reason why, if united, we could not perform such a thing.

So whatchu think?

Disappearing stars
I’m going to eastern Europe during vacation, there I have some friends that are always up for fun. I’m going to use this opportunity to launch a helium balloon with a camera that is going to record live, so we do not have to create a recovery mechanism +from the time on the video we can calculate the approximate height and determine when stars disappear from the video. It’s also highly appropriate since this is going to be summer, not winter — and you pointed out this happens during summer. So we’ll see, I’ll report back if everything goes well, hopefully with a video!

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