Addition to my previous post More simply put should …

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addition to my previous post

More simply put should two astranaughts that are floating
Side by side drift together or if they simply let a small object

go should the gravational forcebetween cause attraction
Even with air in ISS?

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Has anyone see anything that
Shows a reengineering of a planetary system like a small mass orbiting a larger mass footage inside spacestation is something to expect there?

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How many astronauts that went to space are atheists
i looked at three that went to the moon they are not what
i consider atheist if the were in space and collect
data which is sieved through a military sieve to people
who were not there (atheist cosmologists ) who come up with?
sounds like party whispers to me

no need to publish this im just floating ideas into cyberspace
because you dont seem to have email address

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Hi Really like your site Thanks I was talking about it to a group
of friends they said so they are skeptics i said to me you are trying
to use scientific method on science mainstream and seeing massive
logic gaps in there theory I also like what was Princeton’s
Pears Institute which seems to me to have got scientifically ostracized
for Daring to prove again in experiment anyone can repeat what the
founders of quantum mechanics be-leaved that by getting an
outcome from an experiment you effect that outcome – not the common view by scientists now that the detector effects the outcome god knows how you get the information from the detector
without interacting with the detector? then i hear physicists say
of course its just the detector otherwise it gets absurd if a bug sees and experiment it would effect it My answer to that is if it does it does the universe does not change so it fits the mathematics
and logic of a physicist or maybe Pears could look at that
closing point- put pears institute findings together with LHC
LHC becomes giant ouija board

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Space machines do not orbit the Earth
Can some one tell me how quantum entanglement can
occur long distance when vacuum or not the entangled
are still exposed to (zero point energy )? (quantum foam)?
(positional space information) ??

vacuum is not a vacuum is where the universe came from apparently

There is glass in the sky
Hi how many PHD or bsc scientists have seen the effects in space
first hand i cant be bothered looking not many i suspect
just the woman?

how many military astronauts , vast majority

and we all should trust the military How many weapons
of mass destruction found in Iraq – 0 one prominent in charge highly respected scientist
killed himself because he knew as far as i can tell it was B***S**t
how many solders both sides and non combatants died in that lie god save us