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Concave Earth Theory
It is my understanding that the concave model is trying to framework the heliocentric.

That’s what I get from Stephen Christ’s material anyway. If that’s the case then this rocket launch would dispel that.

Concave Earth Theory
The Gofast Amateur Rocket proves zetetic flat earth. It launches over Nevada on July 14th 2014, 7:30AM and witnesses the full moon over Australia high over the horizon.

The heliocentric establishment holds that it should have only been 9% visible over the horizon.

Concave Earth Theory
The concept is that light travels both ways, and is tied to gravity.

I think this is important for geocentrists to address, if the earth is the center of the universe, what exactly causes the planets to revolve around it?

How does a larger planet revolve around a smaller one?

Space machines do not orbit the Earth
I brought up the question why the the satellite’s atoms wouldn’t heat up while the theromosphere’s gas would.

The rebuttal was that the surface area of the satellite was too small, that the thermosphere reached those temperatures due to wide surface.

Your thoughts?

Concave Earth Theory
I do believe it is necessary to come to terms with the atomic methodology of gravity before determining how exactly it shapes the universe.

Since a discrete ball has no natural ability to pull another ball, the common sense logic is that every atom is connected by twined electromagnetic ropes.

Now the mysteries of the universe: push, pull, gravity, quantum entanglement/leap are elementary.

I would challenge you to see if such clarifiaction of Newton’s Laws would support a concave/geocentrism etc.


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