What is the shape of the earth in your model? do …

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what is the shape of the earth in your model?
do you have a picture picture or diagram?

how big is the sun?
and how far is sun from the earth?

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I don’t think those flights go over the south pole. Correct me if I am wrong there are NO commercial flights( Buenas Aires to Sndney / Jonnasberg to NZ) that fly that route. Jet fuel can accommodate that low temp. The FAA is now beginning to allow airlines to adjust there polar (north) routes. They (FAA, NASA or DOD) have, or I believe will never allow anybody to fly over the south pole.

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Space machines do not orbit the Earth
When i fly in airplane at 35,000 the it’s super cold yes? But when i go higher at what altitude does does start to reverse and go toward the hotter temps?

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