Just to think of it, I read somewhere that the …

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Just to think of it, I read somewhere that the rectilinear might have bent. Why not try it with a tight rope? Tight ropes do not bend.

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You are right. The angular momentum is keeping the top up. I guess it is only possible to tell if gravity is a push or pull by whether the force is forcing things towards or away from the object of the force’s origin. And, by the way, I guess that since gravity’s strength actually increases with altitude, it makes a lot of sense for the force to be a push from the center.

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I should add to my previous comment that another way to know that gravity is a pull is that the strength of gravity decreases with increase in altitude (height above the surface of the earth). By the way, I meant to reply to Lord Steven Christ’s comment on gravity with my first comment, but I accidentally replied to the entire article instead.

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This article may be interesting. It mentions a possible alternative to the pull of the supposed gravity that could very possibly fit neatly into your concave earth theory. Even though this author may be a crank scientist, this electromagnetic alternative is very likely true either way. Of course, the constant weight of people seems to be a problem with this theory.
As another separate thing, I know that gravity is a pull and not a push because of tops; tops can’t spin with their sides as close to the ground as they get without these sides being pushed directly to the ground if gravity is a push. (I could not watch your video on how gravity is a push because the clip is apparently private according to youtube)

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