Might it be that the intensity of light has to …

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Might it be that the intensity of light has to do with the air-pressure near the observation point?
Bigger air-pressure = more light

This will explain also why we see as good as no stars looking up in the night in a city(besides light-polution).It is simply way warmer in the city compared to outside of it.

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I have thought of that as well.It seems logical.However:
We assume light travels in vacuum,the same way it does in the atmosphere.
We dont know what light is!We assume!

I havent been up in space.I have reasons not to trust Hubble and co..


We know light curves up here on earth(not talking about gravity).So we can say for the part atmosphere->eyeball the light will be curved.

Does light curves in vacuum?

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There is sea plankton in space folks……..Its in da news…..

Concave Earth Theory
thank you Sasha!

Time to refresh my russian 🙂

Concave Earth Theory
It is just one picture with some music.
Trying to understand why the horizon is a perfect line.

No need to install anything,it is a mp4 (audio+video) file.

Concave Earth Theory
I got some free time and this is the result:

Is the moon an optical illusion?
Ok,im gonna trow another card on the table.Been thinking for it for some time.

We dont know what light is.
We know moonlight is not reflected sunlight.(Light is not Light)
We know sunlight bends upward.(Rolf Kepler)
We dont know if moonlight does that.
We know the moon and the sun have the same size in the sky.

What if the sun and the moon are the same thing?One lightsource fueling them both?

Im going to check for connections between moon-phases and sun/weather events.
I am also thinking to do put the moon on top of the sun on a picture using mirrors and see what happens.But for that one needs a good weather and the right timing.(It snot every day you have the sun and the moon in the sky at the same time)

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