A note about whether or not light can be ‘seen’ …

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A note about whether or not light can be ‘seen’ in ‘space’.

If sunlight can travel through this alleged area where it cannot be seen then re-emerge in our atmosphere. Then it will re-emerge when it hits ANY EYEBALL. That would include a lens (camera) or the inside of a spacesuit. Or any PHYSICAL MATTER. So does it matter if light can see itself in the deep void of nothingness?
nopes. YOUR EYE can. There is WATER in it. Just like an ATMOSPHERE…
Making whether or not light can be seen (with what sensor exactly?) in a vacuum, completely and totally irrelevant to the discussion other than as a cute piece of trivia.
We already KNOW it can travel THROUGH it.
If it (light through the vacuum of space) hits an object, let’s say an asteroid, then can bounce back THROUGH it again, and then we see the REFLECTION of it, we can rest assured that it can be seen at its DESTINATION just fine, even if that DESTINATION is in the middle of a vacuum.
And even if its source is a star (whatever stars are they are a source of light either direct or reflected. Either way they can be seen as easily as an asteroid (better usually I would imagine lol))
Keep the focus on the structure.
It reveals all.

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Is the moon an optical illusion?
The Moon is very likely a balancing device/spaceship
It would be able to balance and monitor the electromagnetic fields of the Earth and Sun to make sure the sun didn’t fall out of the sky or turn off etc. and it clearly turns under its own power which has been witnessed many times (search youtube) and it would HAVE to do this to keep one side facing away always.
Is it phosphoresance stimulated by the magnetic field?
Reflected sunlight? or perhaps reflected EARTH LIGHT?
When you look at it sometimes it ‘feels’ very close and other times seems much farther away. Because sometimes it is very close.
I have stared at it for years with many telescopes.
It is there. It is a ball. or at least half of one.
It is an intelligently controlled (manned) object (ship).
There are legends of a time before the moon and that when it came the floods came with it.
Is it/they here to help? Not doing a very good job.
Here to oversee the management of your new ‘world’ that you conquered or created to farm ‘people’? Couldn’t pick a better vantage point.

The Moon is Their Base.
Some of those craters look like someone might have fired a shot or two at it in the past also lol
I would account for an extremely thick titanium like shell before trying that move again.

just a theory…

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