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Speculation based on educated / best guess / logic is constructive because it makes others compare the theory against their own information. That creates progress towards a better understanding of hidden reality.

For example, lately I had this thought “if Atlantis were such more advanced civilization than us, then why did they disappear?” Learning here that the moon landing definitely never happened (I was a believer in outer space UFOs but I now assume they must be man made using ancient texts of India – vimanas – and probably Tesla’s work), because there is no moon to land on, I now speculate that Atlantis self-distructed from inside, maybe there were wars for power between factions (no more intergalactic wars for me, good old planet Earth wars). Obviously Atlantis weren’t so spiritually advanced if they self-distructed (even if some outer force invaded them). Maybe the flood has something to do with ice melting from the glass sky? A technology test gone wrong? Reading the titles in Anatoly Fomenko’s series books (which I discovered reading the comments here, thank you) I now believe Atlantis / flood wasn’t so long ago, but much more recent. Or maybe there are 2 ’empires’ fighting for power since the beginning of Earth. I once had a dream with pieces of moon in the sky. Maybe someone fired something into the sun way back? Some say the moon wasn’t in the sky in the ancient times. Speculating is good 🙂

I discovered about the void between dimensions in this book which is about a blind woman who was able to see the subtle bodies of people http://www.google.ro/url?sa=t&rct=j&q&esrc=s&source=web&cd=14&cad=rja&ved=0CIgBEBYwDQ&url=http%3A%2F%2Fxa.yimg.com%2Fkq%2Fgroups%2F82996659%2F445331827%2Fname%2F84790470-Fenomenul-Valentina-Cartea-Integrala.pdf&ei=3pgWU96tCsfAtQb-oIHoCQ&usg=AFQjCNFhVLrO3sAkFpJNyD1LZ-YL2PE5QQ&sig2=nm2B_RRAqDjBdMtaSCiH8w&bvm=bv.62286460%2Cd.Yms (it’s a PDF; it’s in Romanian, I don’t think there are translations) She said it’s black between the colors of aura / chakras. She was able to diagnose and cure many people, some of them which couldn’t be diagnosed by doctors. I figured it’s just logical that whatever Earth is must be as we are, since we’re living on it. Well, in it 🙂 Actually if the aura (invisible bodies) is outside our physical bodies, so must be with the Earth. Why should we be different?

I speculate that the ‘higher’ dimensions are more mental, since astral travelers move by thinking (so they say). A detailed description of ‘mental locomotion’ (and other very interesting things ‘from the other side’) is in the book for which I gave a link in the previous comment.

I don’t know much about gravity, but I think (like others) it’s magnetic in nature. I am hoping, too, that you’ll be wrapping the next article in September 🙂 Maybe we’ll get the subject in advance, to build the anticipation? 🙂 A little trailer? :))))

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“Being in an earthly body and looking through physical eyes limits the way you perceive the light. Your eyes can’t see the light directly, only the things it shines upon, so the light remains invisible, just like the soul does. That causes a good deal of suffering down there on your planet because it’s hard to believe in what you can’t see.” – the afterlife of Billy Fingers by Annie Kagan; you might wanna read http://www.thenewearth.org/LifeAfterDeath.html for other insights into actual reality.

If the electron is a vortex motion, it makes sense that this vortex motion reflects whatever EM / light is in a curved manner.

The concave earth theory with the universe inside actually makes perfect sense for what the global spiritual current tells us: you can travel with your astral body in any point of the universe (actually inside earth); your astral body can become identified with the whole universe (actually whole earth); this supports aether theory, since aether presumably links everything in the known (physical) universe; those who practice meditation say that the universe is inside nothingness, god (outside universe) is nothingness / blackness / SILENCE – I ALWAYS WONDERED HOW GOD CAN BE LIGHT AND NOTHINGNESS / BLACKNESS SIMULTANEOUSLY – that must be the void space between dimensions which other clarvoyants say exists; after this void / black / emptiness / nothingness there must be other “spiritual” spheres / dimensions / worlds (starting with the lower spheres or “hell”); they didnt think this way because they thought the universe is outside earth; i never meditated, but i think in meditation you just perceive, you dont rationalize what you perceive; you come back in here and then rationalize what you perceived BASED ON WHAT YOU KNOW / BELIEVE as truth. Which makes me wonder what was the model of the earth / universe in the time of the Buddha. He said God exists and God doesnt exist. I believe Ptolemy model is we live outside. Which makes me wonder how this model came into existence since it”s obviously false. The history of outside / inside model must be thoroughly investigated. Maybe there are those “fallen angels” that are still in charge and they fake everything. Who knows..

Anyway, when do you estimate your next article is coming out? This site is the most valuable on he Internet since the outside / inside model is the one which all the science derives on. I”m so glad I found it and I congratulate you for your power of organizing and logic. Thank you!

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Excellent work! Thank you for sharing with the world! I didn’t understand shit, I must read it again twice 🙂

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