Great work WH, I’ve been sifting through a lot of …

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Great work WH, I’ve been sifting through a lot of it and I have some thoughts on very similar lines to what you are proposing, but I think you may know that by my name.
Anyway, very interesting, good job.

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Gravity – observations and theory
In my opinion it is that simple.
The problem us meek humans have is that we were baffled by the bullshit from an early age. We can’t do the mind numbing equations that lead to the truth because those equations lead us all down a garden path with a locked gate.
We simply accept the ridiculous notions about warped space time and black holes and molten iron cores , plus mass attracting mass and blah blah blah and yet we (or most) refuse to use our own logic and common sense for what’s in front of us.

It’s as simple as this. This is the easiest way I can tell it to save typing.

A sponge weghs very little when put onto a man made weigh plate because the atmospheric pressure pushing onto it, is very little because most of the sponge’s area is already absorbing the pressure and the only parts that are not, are the fibres.
So realistically the atmospheric pressure upon the density of that sponge is tiny.
Squeeze that sponge as hard as you can with a vice and you will get a grain sized density of fibres thata re comp[ressed and this is all that’s resisting the 14.7 psi pressure upon it.

Now imagine a gold bar, The whole bar is virtually non porous, give or take. It’s very dense and shows it on the scale because it’s density is resiting the 14.7 psi upon just about all of it’s area apart from microscopic air pockets that absorb some.

No gravity needed. It’s all atmospherc pressure upon any dense object.

Gravity – observations and theory
Wild Heretic
June 2, 2015 at 12:15 pm

The reality is, It’s all PUSH on PUSH due to atmospheric pressure.

Still doesn’t explain why “down” and not “up” for example. Why isn’t the air floating? For example, a scuba diver can float at the bottom of say 20m of water because he is the same density as the water. No problem so far. But why isn’t the water and scuba diver floating at say 100 km high or 200km or 10 km or whatever. Something is pushing the water to the edge of the Earth, but it is NOT the water itself. Apply the same example to the air and a balloonist if you like, it doesn’t matter.

sceppy says:
Down and up are just a representation of how we go with the balance of ourselves and how we think of up and down. Gravity doesn’t do it either. It is simply UP and DOWN as simply words to call ourselves for positional awareness.

The water is a sort of mirror image of what happens to us on land against atmosphere.
For a diver to go down into the depths he needs a craft to power him down. The trouble is, as he does, the craft will be crushed, eventually as more and more water is stacked and the more of that stack that the craft (submarine) has displaced.
The problem is, the sub can only go so far before the air inside of it becomes so compressed that anyone inside of it is crushed.

Think of it like putting you inside a steel suit and then pumping more and more air pressure into the suit, above your normal atmospheric resistance of 14.7 psi. You’re going to be crushed to death and your eyes and innards are going to pop out and turn to mulch. This is because the suits strength in resisting the extra air pressure is equally going to be transferred to your body and we are no good at resisting much more than atmospheric sea level pressure.

Eventually, IF the energy was strong enough to push your sub further down, your sub would simply implode because the air inside cannot hold back the structure of it.

The opposite to this is your so called astronaut in atmosphere inside his craft (rocket).
At lift off, he is under 14.7 psi sea level pressure. His rocket is fllled with fuel and is also under 14.7 psi of pressure all around it.

inside of it; in oxygen tanks, it will be under much more pressure ready to release the fuel to be ignited against the atmosphere in order to push the rocket up.
Now just like the sub but in the opposite way, the rocket must overcome sea level pressure to achieve zero psi in so called space.
In doing this the under pressure astronaut inside the rocket, plus the fuel and oxygen, now become more of a force against the rocket because the outer atmosphere is not compressing the rocket walls and tanks to stop those tanks from expanding and basically exploding, unlike the sub which would implode.

Now remember, this isn’t about rockets in a vacuum, as such. This is showing you what atmospheric pressure is and why it’s required for us to survive and for Earth to actually be the energy cell it is.

To create a pressurised environment for life, you have to seal/enclose it. To do this, you need a skin and a pressure build that is even for that environment, which you get as a dome due to stacked matter and it’s this stacked matter that’s the key to understanding why we live under the pressure and why everything works as it does.

The problem is in tryng to get people to understand it because most just dismiss it due to not understanding it – because they revert straight back to gravity…a name given to a supposed force and something that is not understood, yet accepted simply because it’s of mass opinion.

When people think of – and accept scattered particles and a spnning globe that somehow loses helium and hydrogen into space as it spins and yet somehow holds in the atmosphere…then I can’t explain anything to people like that because it’s just not worth it.

If people can try and understand that the atmosphere must be stacked to create pressure and also to create a dome due to this stacking, then they should also understand that the Earth is stationary in terms of no free movement through what people think, is space.
All Earth does is expand and contract into a true vacuum. Does this make the Earth rubber?….nah, nothing like that. Just like you can form a skin on a soap bubble or an ice mound or fart in the bath and watch a bubble form on the top.

Now think of the Earth farting out elements and those elements arrangng into their respective densities; the heavier being the foundation to the lightest being the roof.

What’s the lightest elements?
Well, we can look at hydrogen/helium and what not. This stuff expands through the dense mass below us due to energy from the Earth sun in the centre of Earth…not in space.

We are living under pressure because the molecules are more compressed, which means more in abundance at sea level and are constantly being squashed as they resist those above and below them.
Those above are merely stacked pressure upon those below and the molecules below the ground that are pushed up due to energy releases, push into the molecules at sea level, creating what looks like an agitated beer belly fight among all molecules that are all attached with no free space at all.

A key thing has to happen for any movement up into the atmosphere or down into the depths of the ocean and that is: whatever you expend in energy to gain in movement, you will create the equal reaction to that action.

What does this mean?

It means that if I (pretend it was possble) was to stand in space and lift you up by a rope from the land under your feet, your body would expand to equalise the lower pressure it finds itself in with every lift on my rope.

Just lke a helium ballloon must do the very same for it to rise into the atmosphere, only it’s expandng to equalise pressure – and in doing so, it’s actually being squeezed up by the denser air under it and around it and as it moves it means it’s alway unbalanced in reaction to action due to less pressure pushing on it’s sides as there is squeezing from below, meaning it has to expand to fill that discrepancy.

The opposite happens in water. Push a football into water and that football will encounter heavier resistance from the water against the air inside of the football and this wll compress that air and the ball. It will do this for as long as the ball is PUSHED against the denser water below until the ball releases the air inside it. If this happens, then you get the similar thing to the helium balloon, except in bubble form as the compressed air is released from the burst ball and is allowed to expand bigger and bigger all the way to the top of the water.

So here’s the key. If a scuba diver could be made to float up into the sky on a balloon, then that scuba diver could, theoretically, hypothetically….potentially, in fantasy land of science reach as high as his buoyancy would allow him to into the sky due to him blowing up lke a michelin man due to his body cells, under little external resistance to the internal expansion of his cells; fill the space to equalise that lower pressure making him huge in area, just like you can walk on snow much easier if you put on snow ski’s instead of walking shoes, or reading the paper in your swmming pool on your air bed in comfort as opposed to lying on your bare back with a soggy paper. lol.

Yes I’ve went off on one and you might not appreciate the lengthy reply but I like for other people to try and get a grip on it to see if they can see what I’m getting at.

Look, I’m not saying I’m 100% correct. I’m not saying that other people’s thoughts and works are pointless. We all have our own thoughts and to be fair, I take onboard all other’s.

As long as people don’t adhere to gravity, then I’m open to viewing anyone’s thoughts. I have no time for gravity as I know it’s bullshit.

Now, if for some reason I haven’t given you a satisfactory answer to your up and down…all I can say is, up and down is smply a term that we made up. We look up to the sky and we look down to the ground.

Gravity – observations and theory
Wild Heretic
May 28, 2015 at 8:34 pm

I would imagine slightly lower gravity in a mine miles below the Earth. To notice a difference, maybe 10s or hundreds of km are needed?

I don’t agree with Screppy. Does an object float in a vacuum chamber?……………….

An object won’t float in a vacuum chamber because it’s not a true vacuum. As we all should know, a true vacuum (absence of ALL matter would mean no life/Earth at all, just what we would know as suspended animation.

Anyway, moving on. An object inside a chamber wth pressure evacuated from it means that the object is now under less compressed pressure.
To move anything from under the ground to the top of the ground or into the atmosphere, requires energy. It requires a PUSH from some energy source.
Remember though, for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction and energy pushing an object UP against atmospheric pressure means that energy is now stored as potential energy as long as it’s held up.
That object and the energy taken to get it to where it is means that rock now has the exact same energy upon release.
It’s not gravity, it’s merely density in a fight against atmospheric pressure upon that density = denpressure.

People mention UP and Down as if gravity caters for it. We walk on a solid ground. We mine from under solid ground. We are pushed onto and into solid ground by atmospheric pressure.

People don’t see how simple it all is because we’ve been saturated with scientific nonsense all our lives.
We get told that gravity is more or less depending on where you are stood on Earth.

It’s a dupe…..I mean, a swimming pool full of water is more or less depending on where you’re stood, in terms of depth of water upon you.

When looked at in basic thought and in simplistic terms, we can liken anything we do to whathappens in and on water. And I mean, everything.

Air waves are smilar to water waves on a pond . Wind is smilar to ocean waves creating movement of water under the sea.

We can’t live at the bottom of the ocean like we can at the bottom of our own atmosphere, because we aren’t built for it and are buoyant enough to rest on the denser atmosphere which is th atmosphere of those creatures that inhabit the ocean.

Just like it takes energy to bring a rock from the bottom of the sea to the top and hold it there. If we leave loose, the rock falls back to the bottom.
The thing is, that rock at the bottom wll be dense and if we drag it up over distance, it wll become porous because it’s under less and less compression.

Scientists go on about gravity and how Earth’s mass pulls? pushes us into the centre and yt man has only managed to drill about 6 or 7 miles into the Earth and yet we are told it’s got a molten iron core and all the rest of it.
We accept this stuff because the people in the white coats told us to, yet have no clue what they are talking about.

The reason we accept gravity with all the added crap like Cavendishes’ experiment or Einsteins warped space time and all the rest of it. None of which can ever be proved and all of which are simply made up concepts; yet we are told to accept them because they have proof, even though we’ve never directly seen any of it.

Gravimeter’s and gravitons, detecting gravity and what not. Detecting a force that cannot be explained and yet those same gadgets renamed, would detect the truth. Atmospheric pressure upon any dense object of any description anywhere on and inside Earth, because it’s all stacked from the bottom up.

So you walk upstairs. Is gravity pulling you back down?
Why do you get tired?

Why is it easier to walk a straight path and harder to walk up a hill or stairs?
Gravity?….or atmospheric pressure working on your body whllst your body works against, it.

People dupe us into believing all objects fall at the same speed in a vacuum. This is due to gravity they say.

How about thinking about evacuaton of pressure and resistive force inside a chamber that allows all objects to fall by encounterng little to no resistance.

People can argue that gravity stll makes them fall but as I explained earlier; energy was required to place the objects density into the atmosphere before that atmosphere was evacuated around that object which is now hangng as potential energy but now does not have the extra resistive force upon it when allowed to drop, so naturally it’s going to drop faster and more evenly, just like a feather would, because tehre’s no atmospheric resistance, or very little.

Just remember. There is no such thing as a PULL on Earth. We always use PULL to describe things, as in, pull on the rope or pull th cart. The reality is, It’s all PUSH on PUSH due to atmospheric pressure.

Basically everything on Earth is trying to squash each other. It’s a fight all the way of push versus push or resistance verses resistance or to put it bluntly. It’s a resistance of anything against an energy force pushing onto it.

You body is a bundle of energy that’s grown into the atmosphere.
That atmosphere pushes you back and your feet stop it from pushing you into the ground.
Your own dense body is clamped to the ground by pressure, not gravity.
When you tak a breath, it’s not gravity that forces that breath back out. It’s atmospheric equalisation.
You rob the atmosphere of air and that air you take will expand your chest by that amount you took from the atmosphere and now your chest is pushing harder into that atmosphere to make up for what you robbed inside.
It equalises and it’s always a fight of energy/action and EQUAL and opposite reaction to that acton.

It’s why you move. It’s why you become more tired when you ascend into the atmosphere, because the higher you go, the less molecles or pressure there. It may appear tiny at forst but your body has to adapt and it does. It expands with every step on ascending, to fill the lower pressure but it makes you tired because you are using much more energy to expand your body to breathe faster to take in more air.
Not to mention that your knees bend when you ascend which means you have more surface area pushing aganst the upper atmosphere, meaning much more pressure bearing down against your push, as opposed to walking a flat surface with very little bending and also moving your body horizontally.

Seems pretty basic and boring and unscientific in how I put it out but that’s simply my thoughts and I don’t see any reason in using calculations that have no bearing on anything, which are, in most cases, pertaining to stuff like gravity and space, etc.

Anyway have a think about this stuff on basic terms. If you can manage to kep a mind on how water works and equating it to how atmosphere works, it may aid in people having a more basic idea of what I’m saying and how the world doesn’t have to be complicated.

Remember: fixing a bicycle can be a complicated task to those who have no wish to tinker with it. Those who do can see just how simple it is.


There is another reason for this gravity which I think I mentioned before. Basically it’s atmospheric pressure.
Let me explain the centrifuge separating particles in water and show you how atmospheric pressure is doing the work, just like it is for everything else.
When you see a mixture of solids in those test tubes and then spun – you see them congregate at the bottom. Well here’s why.

As we all know, water is hard to compress on its own – remember this, on it’s own, as in clear water.
Once solids are added, those solids contain air pockets within them. Tiny, but they’re always there.
They cannot be released fully just by dropping them into water which is why you see the cloudy liquid.
Once set in motion onto a spin, a pressure of atmosphere builds up inside the test tube which compresses the liquid mix. You see – the solids in the water are the key to why it can now be compressed easier and in doing so, it compresses water against the solids, which force out the trapped air inside them.
The faster the spin, the more air forced out, until you have the solids sat at the bottom as a densely packed unit and clear water, above.

Think of it like turning milk into butter. You keep shaking the milk in the bottle and the solids in that milk get squashed together bit by bit until they lose their trapped air as they squash, which you start to see as dense butter forming.
If you did it in a centrifuge, it would be much quicker.

Now let’s take those men and women in the centrifuge. What’s happening here?
Ok, get your thinking heads on and seriously think about what I’m saying.
This time there isn’t any water, just air inside the room and in the compartment.
As the centrifuge builds up, you see the faces of the men and women go deformed as they hold their breaths and push to stop them passing out…but why? It’s not gravity or G force, it’s atmospheric pressure force.

As they go around, the air in their compartment is forced backwards as their compartment pushes through the atmosphere in the chamber. This atmospheric pressure is now being forced against them. It’s crushing them because the pressure has built up inside.
It only takes a small amount of build up pressure to start to crush us, as we are already under around 15 psi to start with and you all know what it’s like coming down a hill in a car to see how a slight pressure change can affect your ear drums.
It’s similar in one of these things. except much more intense, obviously.
To make this easier to understand, try and vision this…
Imagine you are driving a bus with a thin plastic windscreen. You speed up and the pressure of your bus pushing into the atmosphere, forces that windscreen to be pushed inside, more and more as you speed up. It’s compressing the air inside your bus and ultimately on your body.
Like a bike tyre pump. You put your finger over the end and then try to push down on the handle. You find that you can compress it so much but it’s forcing your finger back to release some of it.

Now imagine that bike pump being on a big scale and you sitting inside of it in that same kind of scenario. Imagine the pressure exerted on your body inside?

There’s lots more to explain about it and I hope that someone grasps what I’m trying to say here because it’s not easy to simply grasp. It is for me because I know what I’m saying and typing, yet I have to remember that it might not be as easy to grasp how I put it.

Gravity is atmospheric pressure. Atmspheric pressure explains it in every way, except for space, which I don’t believe exists, yet that’s another story.
There’s a reason why scientists don’t actually know what gravity is as a force – it’s because it does not exist.

Electric Sun – effects
WH: I understand you believe I’m a shill. LSC told me on the concave site his friend allegedly started. I’d just like to say that I’m far from being a shill or any other entity against free thinking. I welcome anyone who can think for themselves, no matter how absurd it can seem to others, as obviously my thoughts have been taken to be just that.

Anyway, that being said, I’d like you to have a think or expand your mind on what you put out because it looks pretty good as an explanation in many ways.
Remember the sun being a lightbulb you mulled over?

Well to add to what you’ve said…think of this.
You’ve seen welders in action, I’m sure. You know what happens when you use an electrode then connect it to Earth. It creates a carbon arc…or…a sun.

This is what I believe is going on in Earth that is coupled with your magetism effects.
You can discard what I’m saying, obviously – but think about those crystals as well, I mentioned a while ago.
There’s a reason why people are walking about with tiny diamond rings of gold,platinum, silver, etc and it’s not just because they’re a rarity on Earth.

We are talking prisms here on a large scale and we are talking super dense carbon arcing aided by molten precious metals as contact points,plus the crystal prism effect that magnifies all of it into the sky from the centre.

On a finishing note…and you can do what you please with this post: I’d just like to tell you that LSC will attack you and try and discredit what you’re trying to do, soon enough.
The man is a complete paid shill, pretend fruit loop. He has some decent theories but then destroys them by claiming to be Jesus. I mean, come on?

Have a think about why a person like LSC would spend all of his time creating this Earth and space model, only to go the opposite end of the rational and claim he’s some kind of re-incarnated god?

Anyway, like I said, you can delete this post or edit it however you wish but all I’m saying is, just have a serious think about what I’ve just said.
Your site is interesting, so don’t let LSC steal your thunder or try and wreck your good work.
If anyone’s a shill, he is…think about that, because he might be appearing to be nuts to many but his face is well and truly plastered all over for all to see this scruffy cap wearing, what appears to be like a cannabis saturated spaced out type person that most rational people are going to see as just that…why?

Because the theories he’s putting out may have some truth in them which are also lathered in mis-information and he’s trawling your site and maybe others because he’s maybe paid to do so to make sure the truth doesn’t come close to being shown…and you may be getting closer, which you will know soon enough if he becomes nasty or attempts to ridicule you whilst using this god ruse to make it appear like he’s doing it for your own good.

Do you seriously think someone from NASA is going to debate with someone like him if he was a genuine alternate theorist?
He gets his little shows because that’s the whole purpose of it all. It’s to get people like you to sidetrack yourself onto his wavelength and this way it mixes up the pot of alternate thinkers into such a curdled mix that it’s impossible for anyone to decipher just who is closer or further away from the mark.
It’s basically brilliant.
For all I know, you could be doing the exact same thing, except that I buy into a lot of what you are saying in terms of it making more sense.

It’s up to you how you take this. Maybe you’re already suspicious of him. All I will say is, I won’t bother you on your site and anything I can add, whether you think it’s bat shit crazy or not, you can simply take it onboard but never put it out there. That way you at least can know that I’m no shill and all I am is a free thinker who knows nothing physically provable, just hypothetically.

Just be yourself. Do your research. Come up with your thoughts. Put them out there and don’t befriend people like LSC or anyone for that matter. I’m sure I don’t need to tell you this but I am just in case he sucks you in.

See you later on, maybe.

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