Could the Earth be concave but with the ice/glass sky …

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Could the Earth be concave but with the ice/glass sky covering it like a dome? With the sun, moon and stars all at the North Pole center of a spiral plane? Like a disk? And Antarctica really be the “ends of the Earth”, extending indefinitely into the unknown where the sun “don’t shine”? Where the ice sky meets the Earth.

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The sun rising and setting on the horizon is only an illusion. We know the sun never goes up or down, it only appears to as it moves closer to and farther from us. Human eyes on the ground or ocean can only see 3 miles. You can see many more miles of sky than you can land/ocean due to your angle. That’s all the horizon is….the land/ocean cutting off your view of the distant sun.

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Is the Sun a light-bulb?
Read “The Crystal Sun” by Robert Temple. LOTS of good information in it.

Pythagoras (569-475 B.C., Ionian) was a mathematician who put forward the idea that the universe is made of CRYSTAL SPHERES that encircle the Earth. According to him, the Sun, the Moon, the planets, and the stars travel in separate spheres. When the spheres touch each other, a ‘music of the spheres’ can be heard.

Is the Sun a light-bulb?
The sun is EM energy that transforms into light on the glass sky.
The black sun spots are cooler areas. It’s like we are seeing THROUGH the sun, into the blackness of space. Everything outside of the glass is black. The sun is not a burning sphere. It’s a circle of light.

Is the moon an optical illusion?
I think the moon is a reflection on the glass sky. The actual moon is at the center of Earth. The sun is EM energy coming from the center (possibly the “core” that we’ve been told about) that transforms into light on the glass sky. All the stars and planets are either sono-luminescent bubbles or crystal spheres. Everything is swirling around and projected on the glass sky. Like this:

Heliocentric theory is wrong (pt2)
The ancient Egyptians depict the sun in a u shaped (cradle) base. (Search for images online.) I also believe Jesus Christ is a metaphor for the sun, they have too much in common.

Is the Sun a light-bulb?
Sure looks like a light bulb at the very beginning of this video, especially when the leg of the capsule blocks it:

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