Hi ~ sumstuff52 – do You read these comments? It’s enlightenfawn …

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Hi ~
sumstuff52 – do You read these comments?
It’s enlightenfawn from YouTube, and I just saw Your comment on Thor’s channel – Glad to See You’re Back!! I tried sending You a private message, but You need to add Me as a Contact – that would be Cool because I’m not connected to googleplus (what an invasion!), so I can’t post comments, etc., but I can still send pm’s. Googleplus might lessen the restrictions in Time so, I am just going to wait that one out.
I did Subscribe to Your YouTube Channel – I haven’t viewed Your video’s yet – I just wanted to send You a quick note Hoping You’ll eventually get this message/comment!
Many Blessings & Happy Holiday’s*
I’ll C Ya L8ter :-}
Fawn ~

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Concave Earth Theory
Hi WH ~
Your reply comment to Me didn’t have a ‘reply’ showing to the right (?) You had asked about My Dad = Well, it is complex, but it comes to what You Believe, the Different Realms of Life, and My Dad Knew Everything > a spy, in a sense, and He Told Me a Lot, and also told Me to Be Selective – so, I can’t really state anymore then that….. I Can State though, He Was/Is the Best Dad a Daughter could Have! πŸ˜‰ I Feel Grateful & Blessed He Is My Dad* I Am So Thankful of the Strength that I’ve Acquired because of Him+ I Miss Him So Much, but His Presence Is All Around+ Thank You for asking, and letting Me Share My Thoughts πŸ™‚ Fawn ~

Concave Earth Theory
Hi Steve ~ That Is so Interesting about that CNET article! BTW, I just viewed Your video – What is the Pine Gap? So, now I understand – What’s also Interesting is that My Dad told Me that the Star Trek shows were based on Real Life! and the Fact that Kate Mulgrew was on that show! Wow, the Dots Are Connecting…. that Krauss man is like what Wild Heretic states: “A turd in the Punchbowl” tee hee – πŸ˜‰ Fawn ~

Concave Earth Theory
Thanks WH ~ I Hope there Is Giant Peach Tree’s, too – because I’m allergic to mushrooms!!

Concave Earth Theory
Hi Steve ~ Thanks for Your Response – I just found it today – 05-13-14 – Interesting > I’m not sure what ‘Pine Gap’ is ? Everyday, as Time goes on…. I’m So Thankful of My Dad’s Insights, Facts, etc. He Told Me to be Open to All Discoveries, Theories… He told Me of Atlantis, the Hollow Earth, Flat Earth Society :-), amongst a Lot of Other things, as well! He mentioned the Concave, but didn’t elaborate on that one – it is hard for some people to wrap their brain around that one! Unfortunately, My Dad perished through the ‘establishment’ He did Tell Me though, that if I do perish, it’s from interference /invasion… Truth Will Always Prevail+ Fawn ~

Concave Earth Theory
Hi WH ~ Okay, I know….. don’t sweat the small stuff…. but Thank You for the Consideration! πŸ˜‰
Fawn ~

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