This may seem like a silly question… But has the MOON …

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This may seem like a silly question…

But has the MOON been captured by one of those amatuer weather ballon cameras? I’ve never seen it.

I’m sure it has, just thought I’d ask.

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Concave Earth Theory
I also wanted to add that what may be on “the other side” is just another Earth (I mean the place you would go if you went through the two portals in the north or south pole to the “outside”), a repeating Russian doll universe, over and over. This would suggest another, smaller outie/inner Earth exists somewhere within the big suspended ball we’re staring at when we look at the sky. It would presume the light we’re getting from the Sun in our inner world is also feeding an outer world deep within the inner sphere of our world (one we can’t see, but essentially would be in front of us if we looked up into the “sky”, buried behind a few layers of “stuff”, possibly existing within the pyramid.

This doll theory would be infinite, of course. From big to small, but time / gravity properties might change with size, too. Sounds like a multiverse idea, but it’s not quite.

Kind of explains, too, why things are “bigger” on the outer crust — animals, trees, birds, as reported in legends — as you graduate within the “dolls”, sizes change.

Concave Earth Theory
I’m not done reading the site, so you may have already addressed this, but here are the big problems that stand out to me:

1) Lunar eclipses. Still can’t wrap my mind around that. And I sure as heck don’t think it’s “some other object” as flat Earthers say. Must have something to do with bending / lensing effect, the thing is it’s gotta happen to where it *appears* it’s the shadow of the Earth (we know that’s not possible if it’s concave, right?). I also think Blood Moons are sunlight shining through the Earth’s atmosphere and reflecting upon the Moon’s surface. I *suppose* that can still be explained with a concave cosmology.

2) Maybe near 100k up there really IS no gravity! Maybe we can get satellites up there and they orbit along with the inner sphere.

3) It’s hard for me to believe all the video of people living in ISS are “CGI”. Looks real to me, I think they are indeed in weightlessness. Maybe it’s entirely congruent. Maybe there IS a spacestation up there, it’s just at the edge of “space” before the glass ceiling. Let’s face it, most space activity seems to all take place in low Earth orbit.

4) Still can’t wrap my mind around all space missions being hoaxes, every one of them, the Moon landings, all probes, etc. Sure, they’ve sent stuff up, but it would hit the glass dome or the inner sphere at some point and blow up or bounce off, or get absorbed.

5) It’s interesting about the 90 degree angle meteor impacts, but aren’t there steaks on the Moon?

6) I think Joe Parr’s stuff is significant, with the energized pyramid that forms a circle around it, floats, shows odd properties. He showed there was an 11 year cycle, just like the Sun.

7) So if the Sun is small and a sulphur disk — what’s all the talk about solar “radiation”, flares, filaments, CME’s, etc. about? On and on.

8) I can buy stars are solumlumence bubbles suspended in water (or *something*), but what I’m confused by are asteroids floating out there, planets, comets, etc. — what are these things? Just stuff littered about between the glass dome and the inner sphere, floating around it?

9) What are supernovas, pulsars, etc? All of these space things seem to show observable properties that make them complex. What about stars with wobbles, i.e. planets? It would suggest a little solumenecent bubble has a little planet buzzing around it.

More needs to be done to address this stuff — that said, I think it’s possible ALL of it *could* be congruent within a concave cosmology. This cosmology requires you to make things smaller, and basically flip your brain like a mirror to conceptualize some of it.

That’s all for now.

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