Hi, Recently my brain was terrified when I realized that I …

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Recently my brain was terrified when I realized that I do not believe in God, but I believe only 500 astronauts that the Earth is a sphere. What if they lie?
I read a lot about flat earth and also concave earth proves.

Two questions remain in my head – could you help me?

1. Why there are no communication cables, ship routes and air routes between south-end of South America and Australia?

2. Who and when crossed Antarctica? Why there are so many bases there?

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1. I read it and performed short research on the web.
Of course that may be not a solid research. But there is really minor traffic on this route. I checked flying time between those 2 points and it takes longer than the similar distance between eg. Americas. Please take a look also at a cargo route.


From the flat earth perspective – my own experience – while flying from Amsterdam to Guatemala I remember flying over Greenland and Great Lakes – on the flat earth map it is a straight line. Interesting.

2. Antarctica is a special teritory. Oficially the ecosystem is under protection, but who knows what is really protected. On the other parts of the world we have conficts, but in that place there is peace and cooperation. Only 66 years ago we discovered that it is one continent.

Captain Finn Ronne, Byrd’s executive officer, returned to Antarctica with his own expedition in 1947–1948, with Navy support, three planes, and dogs. Ronne disproved the notion that the continent was divided in two and established that East and West Antarctica was one single continent…

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