Love the site. It has been a major factor along …

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Love the site. It has been a major factor along my quest for the truth about the cover up of the geocentric reality.

Without getting into any details, operations fishbowl (or Nukes in Space) were a complete failure. Please check:
for more info, but search for “operation fishbowl” to skip to what we are interested in here.

First of all, please note the percentage of failure of the launches, but even more disturbing is that one of the ones “allowed” to launch actually added more radiation to the Val Allen Belt that the project was sought out to destroy…keeping the psychopaths trapped for SURE!

Question everything!

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Why hide the concave earth?
Love your site and your content. You have done some amazing work. What do you think of this work:

The original work is in Russian, but the author does a good job analyzing it. Looking forward to your next post!

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