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You miss the point: light does note travel in straight lines. Thus, it is when you are on the outside of the sphere that it *looks* as if you are on the inside (light curves round to you), and when you are on our side (the inside) that it looks as if the ground drops away from you (the horizon effect). Don’t believe light travels in curves? I bet you don’t… ;-((

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Google Eric Dollard, who can explain what happened to laboratory bench science when it began to really test what space and time are. The whole thing was shut down circa 1903-1910. And relativity theory was given centre stage. The electron is nothing but the open end of a line of force ‘twisting’ in the ether, much like the fibrous lines of force you see with the iron filings and magnet demonstration. It is not ‘a particle’ at all according to Tesla, Steinmetz, Heaviside, Alexanderson, but rather the ‘open end’ of the twisting line of force…good luck!x

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Yep, just invert the physics/maths for the inner Earth prediction, that’s all. See Egyptian mathematician Mostafa Abdelkader for details.

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Holes near the poles
Wild Heretic, love your site and point people to it all the time. But recently, on this topic of the holes at the poles, our beneficent lord, Steven Christ, in his infinite wisdom, has banned me from the fb group and the web forum for suggesting that Earth has two sides linked by these holes! I was wondering why you are not similarly banned? I seem to have escaped being put on the detention list, but apparently I have ‘ego’ issues. What is all that about?!? Any thoughts?
Perplexed, Richard.

Holes near the poles
Yes, spirit is eternal in as much as you are alive now and now is all there is. But if you go there, you are chasing your tail all the way down a very long rabbit hole. It is easier to say, yes, essentially, we are immortal and yes, just as there are many worlds so every ‘Thing’ has many bodies, each body appropriate to the world we are in. Then, realise that at any one ‘time’ at least two of these worlds are always overlapping. Space and counter-space. Mortality and immortality. Matter and Spirit. Thoughts? ;-))

Holes near the poles
Erm, there are the Nazi hollow earth documents that have come from the Russian documentary makers, (see YT user vlad9vt or google it). Where they given some land? The rumour is that New Berlin has been founded on the other side. There is loads more on the Nazi thing, as you can imagine….

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