Oops, I meant clear day.. …

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Oops, I meant clear day..

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Just in regards to LSC’s failed rectilineator and he saying its impossible to get the first beam level. If he went both ways outwards from the first beam this would not be a problem because even if its not level going both ways will show how unlevel it was and therefore still give accurate results (if of course they do actually make a straight line).

Seems he just wants to debunk it and his attempt was not genuine.

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Cool, I’ll let you know my results in a few weeks…

New forum
Looking at this one as it seems the cheapest with a tripod and staff.


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Introduction to CEQ
Here is a quote from the lord which I saw on one of his videos where he was arguing with someone:

“you didn’t really get my humor (being God and having fun with you human puppets, and getting to impose discipline toward the unbelievers soon.) so. yea…

NSA add Landell N to the FEMA Detention List.

You have no idea who you are messing with.”

I always found the lord to be hilarious and was sure he was just messing around claiming to be Jesus, when I read this quote it was confirmed lol

Old Concave Earth Theory
Pablo has the communist and his men killed at the end of the episode to keep them quiet right in front of the concave Earth map. Is this symbolic of the NWO mobsters killing all concave Earther’s one day? Like a warning or predictive programming?

Old Concave Earth Theory
Hey WH

I was watching Narcos last night, a series about Pablo Escobar, episode 4 and there is an old concave earth map. You first see it at 34:40 (on the torrent I watched) and again at the end. Its on the wall of the M19 communist rebels leaders house. Pretty strange I thought, no way it was there by accident. Check it out…


Disappearing stars
No I assumed I wouldn’t see much from bangkok anyway like you say. I leave at midnight on the 18th so I’ll take another look then…

Disappearing stars
It was the 27th of September, left Brisbane at 2pm and arrived in Bangkok at 8pm thai time so it was only dark for the end of the flight.

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