I think night vision cameras would be great, the stars …

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I think night vision cameras would be great, the stars are very vivid in the footage i’ve seen

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Eric Dollard has went to the darkside he is a meth abuser and arrogant con artist something happened πŸ™

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Concave Earth Theory
Water’s Concavity Visible

These are the most satisfactory observations thus far made by the Geodetic Staff, because the tests were more crucial. The results were conclusive, as they afforded an ocular demonstration of the earth’s concavity. A stake 2 feet in height was placed midway between the Observing Station and the target, with cross-bar at top of stake.

With the telescope at the same altitude, the cross-bar was observed to be a little below the top of the tar-get, with the target foreshortened by perspective to a breadth equal to about one half the length of the stake. With the visual axis of the telescope 2 inches above the water, the cross-bar was seen to be in line with the top of the target.

Besides this observation, an absolutely satisfactory view was had of the water surface itself. With the telescope placed absolutely level, the water appeared to slope gradually upward to the center of

p. 179

the telescopic field. With the objective end of the telescope placed a little upward from the true level, and with the water still visible near the objective end of the instrument, the actual concavity of the water–a mid-way depression–was clearly observable.

This midway depression was at the point of the stake with cross-bar midway between the point of observation and the target, from which midway depression there was a gradual slope upward to the target. This view was obtained by the long, terrestrial eye-piece, and also by the astronomical eyepiece, the concavity through the latter being the more marked. There could be no mistake as to the concave arc; the. water was seen to be not convex; it did not appear to be a plane, but concave!


Concave Earth Theory
The Geradstreckenverleger is a scientific proof of the inner world image
In the book “Does humanity a new world view”, booklist , is on page 69:
Then you could see with the naked eye with dry air in winter:
*from a 15-meter-high ice floe at the North Pole, a dog team with other members of the expedition at a distance of 400 kilometers (Prof. Hobbs)
*from Strasbourg Cathedral (approximately 130 meters) Golden Horn in Constantinople Opel, distance 1980 km.
*of a volcano in Kamchatka to Ankara in Turkey. The volcano is about 3000 m high; the visibility was here about 8,000 kilometers
This distance views are in accordance with the Copernican doctrine simply absurd and impossible. Questionable is the full spherical earth on through the latest British invention of the “underwater eye” of the said in a Reuter message from 14.04.1960:
“According to British newspaper reports to British scientists working on the completion of an underwater eye, which submerged submarines can track up to 1600 km Distance and have nothing to do with radar.
The US should help finance the new system and due to the invention have changed program their own submarine. The new defense weapon would mean a complete revolution of recent submarine strategy, as well as nuclear submarines were already safely viewed by the expiry of their bases at up to a distance of 1600 km away. …

Concave Earth Theory
Distant view of 533 km thanks to infrared photography

Concave Earth Theory
Cold air is denser than warm air, and therefore has a greater refractive index. This means that as light passes down from cool to hot air, it gets bent upwards towards the denser air and away from the ground

So when making any observations and recording a great distance make sure that the water and the air are about the same temperature to lessen any refraction, i live in a cool climate and never see refraction or fata morgana in the winter time here, i see it on the long beaches here on hot sunny days

Just thought i would mention that in case someone did not πŸ™‚

Space machines do not orbit the Earth
try the first link at the top in google, it’s not a big article but it goes into other subjects also


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