A camera on top of a balloon, on a night …

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A camera on top of a balloon, on a night launch is what I am trying to arrange, and the Sony A7S will shoot the stars in real time (youtube vids available), which means no time exposures are required, which means the camera need not be stabilised. A sounding rocket launch would be preferable, around $100,000 not including the experiment package though, so either the winning lottery ticket, crowd source funding, or the pockets of someone like Branson would be required.

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“with no atmosphere to contribute to diffraction,”

If the atmosphere is needed to make the stars visible to a camera, does that also apply to human eyesight? Would a camera mounted to a telescope also spread the light enough for a camera to be able to resolve? Why has a regular telescope not been placed in space, instead of the Hubble, which uses still classified optics? Why have not China or Russia or Japan or India not put a visible light telescope in space?

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