Hang on a minute, the reason the first spiral bends …

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Hang on a minute, the reason the first spiral bends the most is that the weight of the rest of the slinky is acting upon it. The last spiral has no weight below it and thus can’t overcome the slinky’s rigidity. This behaviour would be the same regardless if gravity was a push or a pull.
A force is pushing / pulling all the matter (the slinky) below the first spiral.

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Disappearing stars
Here’s a few thoughts for ya WH.

The Sun….
I think is a reflection/concentration off a reflective surface on the opposite side of the concave earth from a much less bright and less hot heat source in the center. Ever burnt an ant with a magnifying glass? what would the sun look like to that ant before it fried, this is what i’m imagining the sun to be a “concentration” of light and heat. The concave mirror could rotate around the earth on a daily cycle and would be as big as one side of the earth. This mirror could even be on the back side of LSC’s glass sky. As the mirror rotates less of the surface is available to reflect the light and its angle changes. thus the sun gets less intense in the after noon and lower in the western sky. What happens when the sun goes down is this mirror has passed between you and the central light source and thus night ensues as the light source in the center of the earth is blocked.

The Stars……
Well they are just permanent holes in the mirror that lets a little source light through. when we move higher in altitude the light comeing from these holes probably lose focus.

The Ether……..
(i saved the best for last). Nicola Tesla stated: “If you only knew the magnificence of the 3, 6 and 9, then you would have a key to the universe.” The Ether is made from numbers. Marko Rodin and Randy Powell (google them) have deciphered numbers and come up with something call “vortex mathematics”. It is nothing like the maths taught in schools. It basically deciphers how all stuff (matter) interacts with each other, and the numbers (from 1 to 9) describe these relationships. look it up.

Space machines do not orbit the Earth
So when reading the “thermosphere” (sry don’t know how to link) on Wikipedia, it sais that, all tho the atmosphere is 2500 degrees C, there isn’t enough matter up there to transfer this heat TO us in any significant amount. which i tend to agree with. But………..

There isn’t much matter to transfer heat FROM us either, through convection or conduction, In fact if we come in contact with any of this sparse matter it is far hotter than our body heat an thus we wont transfer any heat away from us anyway (get colder).

So in a vacuum, convection and conduction don’t exist, you won’t get hotter (OR COLDER) using these transfer methods at all.

In a vacuum (or the virtual vacuum of the thermosphere) your only heat transfer option is electromagnetic (thermal) radiation. Your body temperature is solely dependent on how much you are radiating verse how much thermal radiation you are receiving. Yep. In “space” you are duking it out with the sun in a radiation battle.

the solar constant is 1.36 kilowatts per m2 in “space”, this is an immense amount of radiation. 1.36kw is far more than a spaceship or human body could radiate per m2 at normal operating temperatures.

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