WH, my computer is on the fritz so I’ll have …

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WH, my computer is on the fritz so I’ll have to look it up and post back. It involved a hill and an optical illusion, which was disorienting. My family and I experienced it. They have some of these in Oregon I believe, too.

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Yes, it was aired on live TV because they KNEW it would be a success as they controlled all variables. Risky of it was real. The whole world was watching. Can you imagine if any mistake was made? Deaths of astronauts and a deeply embarrassing event for the U.S. And traumatic to. Too risky.

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Geographic anomalies would be interesting to look at through a skycentric viewpoint. I experienced a famous one in California as a kid. It was spooky!

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Pardon me if tho has been mentioned but how does the bent surface image inversion principle figure in to this skycentric model when viewing stars from the ground?

The rounded glass would exaggerate and scatter an image, or shrink and rotate it depending on which side of the dome the viewer is looking at. Think about both sides of a spoon, or a camera lens or eye cornea which flip images upside down.

Maybe this accounts for why the stars disappear at high altitude (do they ever reappear higher up)? Some experiments would have to be done on a small model to hopefully find out where the star lights come from.

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Heliocentric theory is wrong (pt1)
“I am amazed that people are willing to advertise their unintelligence in public :O”

The pity is mutual.

Space machines do not orbit the Earth
Let us always remember: NASA is the one pulling out impossibly imprecise and vast numbers and distances from their hat – 30,000,000,000 light years away and so on. So cavalier, so certain. Like a psychopath.

The purpose is to trigger peoples’ cognitive dissonance so that they (we) can’t think critically or ask good questions. And people believe and cling to this stuff.

It reminds me of those sad experiments with the baby monkeys clinging to the stuffed animal “mama” (prevailing current wisdom drip fed by the authorities and higher education) rather than eat (do what was good for themselves). They starved.

Concave Earth Theory
make that “sketched a grid…”

Concave Earth Theory
To be fair I guess: a skeptic would say that it’s not a concave earth model as much as a flattened sphere effect which the cartographers sketched. That is, a sphere whether concave or convex experiences distortion and this is an acknowledgement of that. For example, if you sketched a grip on an intact orange peel then flattened it against a counter – the grid lines would distort.

Me I tend toward believing that Earth is a penal colony for rebellious souls.

Concave Earth Theory
Fascinating. First time I have seen / noticed the concave lat / longitude markings. Unmistakable once pointed out. Huh.

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