Phenomenal work. This fills in a lot of my own …

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Phenomenal work. This fills in a lot of my own Blanks.

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Is the Sun a light-bulb?
Blast Furnace. Indeed.

Is the Sun a light-bulb?
Thoroughly enjoyed this. Simarly, I have been teaching that the SUN is just a giant FURNACE for years–altho way, way Brighter. These were the teachings told to me, really. As sumone who is involved in the observation of nature (as a louisiana-haitian folk doctor), I was always taught to look at things simplistikally. Thus, the (self-contained)Furnace–which contains a FIRE at its core that Burns continuously–butt does not go out. Maybe because it contains Fire n Brimstone (sulfur)?
Your work is most shurely food for thoughts. And it feeds my mind nicely. Keep up the good work!
PS. found you through Steve Christ.

Is the moon an optical illusion?
Riteous info here. Glad to have found it (thru Steve…thanks mate). I figger the MOON to be the work of them NASA cats: lites, camera n action (movie). You ever notice thatz how they make the Moon in cartoons? Great big, old Floodlite or Spotlite? Like how the BATMAN symbol gits pitched onto the Sky too. SATELLITE/CAMERA Trickery n whatnot. Thats the real reason for the Satellites in the sky if you ask me. Tomfoolery on the eyes. STROBE effects, for example. The Eyes can only handle so many FRAMES per second. After that its no telling what they can make you SEE (n believe). Who are you going to believe? Them or your LYING eyes is what it comes down to. Keep hitting em with this truth you got going here!

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