Personally, i am not 100% convinced that Atoms, Electrons, Neutrons …

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Personally, i am not 100% convinced that Atoms, Electrons, Neutrons or Protons even exist as they seem to be part the false religious, masonic science of the “age of enlightenment” fronted by the highly masonic Royal Society. As above so below is their motto ie they match the microcosm to the macrocosm so they make the sub-atomic world a mirror of the false heliocentric model with orbits and such like.
Yes i also think Nuclear power is probably a mass hoax.
This “world is an illusion stuff” is futile thinking as it’s real to us and a even if it’s dream a dream requires a dreamer.

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Heliocentric theory is wrong (pt1)
I do Steve, just trying to find some irrefutable arguments to use against spinning ball believers as a starting point for the conversation before going any deeper.

Heliocentric theory is wrong (pt1)
Hi guys, can any of help? I have failed to find a reliable answer to to this question.
I am taking an imaginary flight from the North Pole to an airport on the Equator. Now my Earth spin speed at the North Pole is zero but when my flight arrives at the Equator my plane will need to be travelling in a west to east direction of over 1000mph in addition to its southerly direction. Now if i flew in a straight line by the time my flight got to the my airport at the Equator it would not be there as it would have revolved perhaps 180 degrees so even the flight path must be a huge curve to combat the “Coriolis” effect.
I am not aware of pilots taking into account this affect and fly as if the Earth was stationary. How could my plane even gain the 1000 mph of east to west speed needed in order to land?

Heliocentric theory is wrong (pt1)
As later revealed in the the NT Jesus is the Word (logos) by which the world was created.

Concave Earth Theory
Given a Pound for every logical fallacy you made in your reply i could have good meal out Nunya.

And yet you still claim to be rational, logical and “scientific”
Your having a laugh right?

Concave Earth Theory
1. Get on a boat, go for a cruise in the ocean from Asia to North America (or vice versa).
2. Get on a plane and go for a flight from Asia to North America (or vice versa).
3. Take a flight on Richard Branson’s suborbital space craft.
4. The thermodynamics of the Thermosphere, and how “heat” is “affected” so close to the vacuum of space.
5. Comets
6. Meteor showers
7. Asteroids
Number 1, 2,4,5, 6 and 7 don’t disprove a concave Earth and who on here can afford number 3 which does not even exist yet?
Sorry you believe all you see on your gogglebox by blind faith ie modern pseudo science religion but those things are not a challenge to the premise made by WH. You need to present a more rational argument rather than relying on the popular narrative as an authority.

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