WH, this is a site I found wondering if you’ve …

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WH, this is a site I found wondering if you’ve already read it.
Eric Dubay Real Flat Earther Interview
March 23, 2015
It says it’s about flatearth but, it does have an interesting picture of a HOLE AT THE NORTH POLE…if the pic is real, here’s visual proof.
Here’s a link to the pic.

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Hey WH, I appreciate your site and all the work and hope you continue to expand our knowledge with yours. I have not browsed through the whole site yet but I will get there. I believe you are correct on your theory. I don’t see any membership ability but if you had one, I would so I could get any updates from you.
I was listening to some Youtube video’s from Sid Roth’s “It’s Supernatural” and he and his guest were talking about Bible codes and such and brought up ‘signs in the stars’ from the Bible text and started discussing ‘changes in the moon’ and apparently this guest made a video record of the moon having anomalies. I immediately thought of you and am sending you the link. The discussion starts and the 14:40 mark. Hope this opens up your mind some more and answers some questions. Keep up the good work. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JLo3ynD3elg

Is the Sun a light-bulb?
I am beside myself with curiosity. I stumbled on your website, but not by mistake. You see, there are two reasons the way I think that there is this questioning we have that leads us to behave like we do:
1-because we are seeking to know the truth
2-because we want to know that we exist for a reason
I do not go down the path of irrational thought when it comes to science, but that’s because science proves constantly the existence of God the Almighty. Why? Every time you take further steps to alleviate the contrived notion and programming of our existence, it seems there is something more unanswered that makes us realize there’s still more we cannot answer that we perceive we must satisfy. There are so many thing’s beautifully and wonderfully made….how could anyone disregard how this environment exist to promote life, but not let life overshadow it’s magnificence. In and of itself, if more people we’re allowed to let their questioning lead them to open doors like you have, this world would be better off for it. I appreciate your insight, knowledge, and logic. But I cannot agree you do not see God in all of this. Yes, not interpreting the Bible correctly may have lead us astray and we may yet be able to right the course, but the best way to do that is acknowledge that we have many answers that do not qualify everything as a natural occurrence. Once we let that go, we can equate our existence to one important factor—someone wanted us to experience all the good thing’s this life has to offer and He is good and loves us very much. Here’s the kicker, some on this Earth, only have one purpose and one point to their existence-to lead us astray with the obvious reason is to profit from it. Think of it, that’s their sole purpose! They take from those unable to separate from their fairy tale pursuit. And it’s getting worse every day, every year we exist. So, thank you for being one of the few to give a f**k and stand out from the rest to set some perspective on this life. He has a purpose and your fulfilling a need. Don’t you feel grateful He used you?

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