To be fair I guess: a skeptic would say that …

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To be fair I guess: a skeptic would say that it’s not a concave earth model as much as a flattened sphere effect which the cartographers sketched. That is, a sphere whether concave or convex experiences distortion and this is an acknowledgement of that. For example, if you sketched a grip on an intact orange peel then flattened it against a counter – the grid lines would distort.

Me I tend toward believing that Earth is a penal colony for rebellious souls.

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Concave Earth Theory
make that “sketched a grid…”

Concave Earth Theory
Fascinating. First time I have seen / noticed the concave lat / longitude markings. Unmistakable once pointed out. Huh.

Concave Earth Theory
Jonathan said “Some of the more recent flat earth guys show the earth kinda like a roulette wheel which would provide the concave that does not enclose, Only half of it with an outside circumference of 52,000 miles.”

I looked at their map and it doesn’t correctly account for the path of the sun, or why (if it’s true) the horizon remains at the same level no matter the altitude. I noticed this too on a long, high flight, and thought it odd at the time.

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Heliocentric theory is wrong (pt1)
“I am amazed that people are willing to advertise their unintelligence in public :O”

The pity is mutual.

Space machines do not orbit the Earth
Let us always remember: NASA is the one pulling out impossibly imprecise and vast numbers and distances from their hat – 30,000,000,000 light years away and so on. So cavalier, so certain. Like a psychopath.

The purpose is to trigger peoples’ cognitive dissonance so that they (we) can’t think critically or ask good questions. And people believe and cling to this stuff.

It reminds me of those sad experiments with the baby monkeys clinging to the stuffed animal “mama” (prevailing current wisdom drip fed by the authorities and higher education) rather than eat (do what was good for themselves). They starved.

Space machines do not orbit the Earth
Replying to my own comment – there are other scriptures that confound unless a skycentric earth model is considered. Then the “equation” is elegantly solved. For instance, when Jesus spent 3 days and 3 nights in the heart of the earth. There is still, 2,000 years later, ongoing debate about how to account for his trip to hell AND heaven in those 3 days, and just what the heart of the earth means. If one presupposes a heliocentric vast universe model, the scriptures function like a riddle. But I think a skycentric model does away with the confusion. I’ll have to look into it more.

If anyone is interested, this is the 3 days, 3 nights riddle of the bible.

If the heart of the earth is not underground, but heavenward (we are told that Jesus went to heaven after his body died, then returned to earth. We are also told he was “in the heart of the earth” at that time. Could this be the same place? Christians believe this means he was in sheol / hell, because what else could it mean?), this makes a bit more sense. The bible also refers often to people “IN the earth.” I always thought that phrasing was odd. It’s not odd though if we are in fact IN the earth not on it.

Space machines do not orbit the Earth
Hi Wild Heretic. The bible talks about a glass sky, the celestial sphere, planets that are gemstones, a sun that compasses the earth, and three heavens, one of which is Satan’s domain.

Sounds far out I know, but it’s the very first thing I thought of when I read your site (wonderful site btw). So, if not Steve then someone else would speak up eventually. If people everywhere knew that God exists and has a good plan for their lives (Jerimiah 29:11), nobody would live in abject fear and poverty and hatred. Instead, people would be personally empowered friends of their Creator. There would be nobody to build Babel and enrich the few. There would be abundance, but no profiteering. It actually IS possible to profit and prosper without oppressing an underclass.

How do you pluck a benevolent creator from the heart of every person? Tell them they are a cosmic accident – a genetic bot – accountable only to their own lusts. Conceal the actual structure of our universe from them.

Heliocentric theory is wrong (pt1)
WH said “Even then, I’m not in love with TM type of experiments. They found falling objects in a very deep shaft never reached the bottom, but always clung to the east wall at some point in their decent. Why I don’t know. But it shows that there is an as-of-yet unknown force affecting the falling object which adds another variable. (Got this from Jon‘s site…”

Wow I did not know that!

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