If I get a clear sky id love to help …

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if I get a clear sky id love to help observe in ohio for you… just not sure how you are conducting experiment? some people just cant see how the CONCAVE model works… but once you see it YOU GET IT!!!!

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Concave Earth Theory
Justin = lost

Concave Earth Theory
love the work brother. I was able to see the moon last night too. like you said its path was higher than the night before. i will be watching this year with you.. anything i notice i will be sure to pass along..

Concave Earth Theory
WH any way we can get a drawing of how you envision this? I’m with you on thinking the Moon could be the reflected sunlight. but I have so many people needing to see it.. I figure once you feel comfortable with your findings you will share your secret with the world… great work again as always…

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Disappearing stars
that’s an awesome video.. stars, stars and more stars. and that was shot at only 13 miles up??? so stars are still around 3000miles away and the sun like 2000???? that’s a lot of depth to try and visualize..

Geostationary satellites
I love how they all seem to think WH hasn’t done his homework. is this guy BLUEMOON? ahhh nope this is PURPLEMOON

Is the moon an optical illusion?
wow lots of good info Don. I hope soon we (WH & Members) can figure this whole thing out. we all know something’s not right and what they (lying scientist) feed us taste like SH*T.

Is the moon an optical illusion?
hmmm only planets I see not following the somewhat path of the sun and moon is Uranus and Neptune.. they are pretty far off. actually Uranus I think is still close to the suns path but maybe I see it just above the Suns path (higher in sky), but the other 4 seem to follow the path between the Sun and Moon.. this is just from my eyes alone.. I haven’t even looked at Stellarium. i could be wrong too. as i don’t see the planets after 745am. the 5 are visible from 630am-730am here in Columbus Ohio and are usually seen in the somewhat path of the sun.. anything i can do to help… just email me

Is the moon an optical illusion?
i just installed Stellarium 2 weeks ago. And I had 2 good viewing days of the Moon. Jan 20, 21st (4pm-8pm as it was rising). I too will be watching as much as I can. question?? as I have no idea until I watch the FULL MOONS this year.. do you think that on a full moon that the SUN and MOON are directly opposite each other as their Center point passes thru the center of the Celestial sphere? So I see the Sun set in the south west and full moon is north east. from what I remember in the Summer the Sun set in the West and the Full moon was directly East.. and as Summer went on the Sun would set Northwest and Moon would be more Southeast.

also, as it rises it looks transparent or basically like you can see the sky blue behind the moon until it reaches 40degrees above the horizon… I get the same image when using my kids projector on the wall. if you are farther away the image is distorted and you can see behind it (all the color is not visible). but if you move in close to the wall the image is crisp and you only see the image and its hard to see behind it…

keep up the good work..

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