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Here’s the video.

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Concave Earth Theory
I think you are going to find that the sun and moon are one and the same, just different effects. What I can’t figure out is which one is creating the other one or if they are both created by something else altogether. Did you ever see the video Crrow777 posted showing the anomaly on the moon within the same 24 hours there was a sun flare on the sun in the exact spot? I’ll see if I can find both videos…

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Is the moon an optical illusion?
Is the Moon in water? Craters on the moon might be WATER VAPOR GEYSERS:

Hubble and the International Space Station hoax
And this:

Hubble and the International Space Station hoax
Besides the Zero G plane, here is another possible (and more likely) explanation of how the astronauts on the ISS become weightless…here on Earth:

Disappearing stars
The white dot in that video was another satellite (they say).

Is the moon an optical illusion?
I’m not convinced the moon has anything to do with tides. I think it’s all caused by the sun’s heat and EM radiation. Unless of course, we find proof that the moon light is also a form of EM radiation.

Expansion of water:

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