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What if the Sun comes few 100 kilometers closer to the earth during spring/summer seasons? I think that is the reason for fast increase in heat during these seasons while in winter season sun is further away causing colder temperatures. So starting at spring equinox sun begins to come closer to earth while at fall equinox, sun begins to go further away. Suns coming close will also heat up the glass sky.

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Concave Earth Theory

I would like to know what Sumerians say about the shape of the Earth. Can you research and make article on it?
We all know how flawed heliocentrism is and how Sitchin imposed heliocentric model on Sumerians talk on sun, moon and planets. It could be Celestial Sphere with star of david sacred geometry instead of Sun in the center.
I think it is important thing to do to connect sumerians with concave earth theory. Lets see how sumerians fit in concave model as they are the oldest civilization after north polar civilization.
Sun, moon and stars were created on 4th day, sumerians are older than that so they could be very well describing octahedron and planets orbiting it.
I would like to know what’s your take on Sumerians using concave earth model. 🙂

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Gravity – observations and theory
If gravity is push from the center, why aren’t sun, moon, planets, asteroids pushed towards the earth? or are objects in space are in balance between push and pull? or is push from earth and center is causing gravity to cancel out resulting in zero gravity in space beween two concentric spheres?

Is inertia and ether one and same? Is inertia unmanifest at the center of earth above? if i remember right, i heard it on theoria apophasis channel.

Bendy light – the evidence

Heliocentric theory is wrong (pt1)
In order for inertia on rotating earth to work like in enclosed train moving at 100km/h, you need that glass firmament rotating at the same speed as earth and create an enclosed earth. But since heliocentrist believe space is open, their theory falls apart.

This article successfully disproves heliocentric model permanently.

Isaac Newtons Three ‘Laws’ are full of holes, errors, fallacies, and flat-out absurdities.

Gravity – observations and theory
North Polar Mirage Sun could be the light from octahedron’s illuminated half shining on north pole, only seen once far far north.
Mercator map shows Mount Meru at the North pole. Polar opening could be below this mountain.
Garden of Eden also at North pole http://www.viewzone.com/edenpole.html

Gravity – observations and theory

What could be the cause of gravity reversing and increasing again after becoming zero at 750 miles below the surface? Etidorhpa book.
Gravity is half of what it is in outer earth surface aka inner circle compared to what it is in the concave earth.
I am thinking maybe there is another concentric sphere we don’t know about creating the push force, could be why etidorhpa refers it as inner circle cuz another concenric sphere pushing each other creating gravity on both surfaces,outer earth convev surface and concentric sphere concave surface.

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although inner sun may not exist as there’s already 24/7 light from soft white light mentioned in etidorhpa.

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