Welcome to the Wild Heretic forum where ideas are explored and information is linked so that hopefully all of us will have a clearer and better understanding of the world we live in. (When uploading avatars, make sure to resize them first by using a website such as this one - http://resizepic.com/. Max dimensions are 120 x 120 pixels.)

New members must first INTRODUCE THEMSELVES in the introduce yourself thread below if they want to post replies and start threads. If more than a couple of days have past after posting on the introduce yourself thread, and you still can't start threads, pm me. Either I've been away, or I have overlooked your introduction and forgotten to add you to the approved list.


All western and eastern religions, including the modern cults and sects from the 19th century onwards such as Mormonism, Jehovah's witnesses, Scientology, new age etc.

Do NOT include here any paranormal phenomena with a religious label, e.g. visions (apostles and prophets), UFOs (Jehovah, Sermon on the mount and the Star of Bethlehem), magick (miracles), predictions (prophets, prophesies and Revelations), and demons (Jesus casting them out). Put them in the appropriate forum below.
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