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Possible time slipping

Posted: Sun Jan 24, 2016 12:16 pm
by solararaz
I have found myself in places where I appear to be experiencing some kind of time slip( the phrase that comes to mind)

For instance-

I go to look at an apartment built in the 1930's, on looking around, it appears that not a real amount of work has been done
to the property, so the feel is still 1930's.
The longer I am in this atmosphere, the more I feel I am sinking in to that period, to the point where I look out of the window
and expect to see those black cars of the era and people walking around in the fashion of that day. I feel compelled to leave
this apartment, forthwith.

I visit a town in France which is documented historically regarding WW11, and that is what I know it for.
I get the impression of a much, much earlier time coming through, I feel something like the middle ages,
I took photos at the time, and in my photos I am seeing in my mind, women in long dresses with headdresses,
men in doublets, cloaks, etc,
I discover later that this town was the seat of William the Conquerors half brother in the 11th century.

I look at photos of Lindisfarne off the North east coast of England and find to my horror I am seeing men
impaled on wooden stakes at the waterside, I can not confirm this actually happened, It appears only I am seeing them.
The Island has a lot of history but I did read that Lindisfarne was raided by Vikings far back in 793.. where many people
were slaughtered in the attack.

and on it goes...

So what is it I have experienced? I seem to be able to read some of the past events from the place by being there and at
other times, I can do it by looking at photographs. Am I slipping in to times past? Am I just reading the residul energy of
a place?

Whatever it is, it is interesting.

Re: Possible time slipping

Posted: Sun Jan 24, 2016 1:24 pm
by Wild Heretic
Is it that only you can see the anomalies in the photos? I am guessing so. It sounds like residual energy or maybe bleed through from another time. Impaling people on stakes is very nasty. Obviously put there as a warning. Maybe it was the defenders putting the invaders' bodies there? I imagine raiders would just kill and raid.

Re: Possible time slipping

Posted: Mon Jan 25, 2016 12:24 pm
by solararaz
'Is it that only you can see the anomalies in the photos? I am guessing so.' (WH)

Yes, I should have made that clear. Only I am seeing what I see, it is not captured on the photograph,
the information is coming to me from a different source.

Re: Possible time slipping

Posted: Mon Jan 25, 2016 4:47 pm
by outerheaven
I'm reading The Secret Life of Plants -- which is a fantastic book about the sentience of plants and all living things, and should've shattered the scientific paradigm when it came out in '74, but I digress -- and there's a section about dowsing in the later chapters. Apparently, dowsers don't even have to go to a physical spot to find what they're looking for. They can use maps to find sources of water, minerals, ore, whatever. So the map, or photo in your case, is an energetic representation of an place/event that occurred in history -- and that must carry some kind of power, or ability to connect to a greater source.

Maybe you're connecting to past life memories? Not necessarily yours. I'm partial to the idea that we can incarnate with past life memories of other souls. (Then again I think we all share a soul at a higher level, so whose memories are they really?)

Anyway. This makes me think if there's something to that old "cameras still your soul!" idea. Not sure which/any cultures actually believe that or if it's just an idea injected into the cultural zeigeist, but ...

... our cat sure knows when you're about to take her picture. She'll be doing something cute, or even lying with her eyes closed, and the moment you get out your phone to take a picture of her? She stops whatever it is she's doing and gives you a death glare.

It's bizarre. It makes me wonder what the hell she sees. But she's obviously not cool with having a phone pointed at her.

Re: Possible time slipping

Posted: Tue Jan 26, 2016 10:39 am
by solararaz
Yes, 'The secret life of plants' is a good read and I also can recommend it.

I am one who can look at some photos and pick up information from them.
I and others have demonstrated it numerous times and come up collectively
with correct information.

I understand that some native americans and aboriginals have or did hold the belief that a camera can capture the soul.

I have never tried to dowse for water, although I do have a pair of copper and quartz dowsing rods - unused.

I do believe photos have captured essence and energy within them and can be read, similar to most other things.

Places where strong emotions have occurred - battlefields in particular-can still hold the despair, pain and suffering
that was experienced there.
Culloden in Scotland (battle of Culloden 1746 ) turned out to be a very emotional place for me, with all the energies I picked up on.
I was walking around the site, with tears streaming down my face, trying to avoid other tourists. The brutality of
the British on that field was relayed to me.
There were around 8,000 government troops and around 7,000 Scots
The Scots were defeated within about an hour with the loss and injuries to 1,500 to 2000 men. The government
troops admitted 50 dead - but later geophysical studies of the burial pits, suggest it was more, possibly 300.

anyway...It is certainly food for thought and a topic for deeper examination.