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Is there one Scientist willing to endorse

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Is there one Scientist willing to endorse

Postby Dietrich » Wed Aug 23, 2017 7:44 pm

Discussion at Flat Earth Society: Can an object have a shadow smaller than its size?
Today, someone I know put to me a question, which is not unreasonable:

"Is there one Scientist who you can name who is publicly endorsing Flat Earth Theory?"

I was sharing with him the fact that Zetetic Cosmogony, page 112, "Sun's Distance" computes the size of the sun using a sextant to be approximately 30 nautical miles. I provided a citation to him, but that wasn't good enough as far as he was concerned.

In addition, I coupled that data point with the 8/21/2017 Solar Eclipse and noted how the NASA graphic map showing the path of travel of the eclipse was about 70 miles wide. There is a constant in science which says that the shadow cast by a spherical object will be greater than or equal to the object's diameter. Which means that the shadow shown on the map converges on that proven by Zetetic Cosmogony which estimates using a sextant at the Spring Solstice, when there is zero degrees of declination to the Sun, makes a triangle along the Tropic of Cancer (base of triangle) with two equal sides where the arc degrees angle measured to the Sun can be used to compute the third unknown side of the triangle (distance to Sun). Zetetic, page 112, Sun's Distance sets forth the method and logical basis for the use of the Pythagorean Theorem to determine the unknown hypotenuse (distance to Sun). And it is also believed that the Moon is the same size as the Sun.

NASA's explanation for why the shadow is only 70 miles wide is that the Sun's rays 'converge' to a smaller shadow. Huh? Converge? I thought that the Sun's rays were all in parallel.

So, the challenge is to find a current credentialed Scientist of Astronomy who is publicly willing to attest to the above. Does anyone have a citation for where I can document one willing 'friendly' Flat Earth scientist who would openly provide his/her testimony in agreement to tha above? If the shadow theory holds true, then the Moon should have cast at least a shadow 2,159 miles wide. Thus one can infer that in actuality the Moon is indeed much smaller and close by as is the Sun.

-- Dietrich

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Re: Is there one Scientist willing to endorse

Postby Manicblade » Sun Aug 27, 2017 6:08 pm

I'm no science expert but here are some things to think about in the concaved earth. The glass sky and we think of glass of water and a pencil. The refraction of light as the image of the pencil is bent do to the refraction of light. The sun emits light 360 Omni directional not parallel. Taking the edge of the light and shadow then draw a line but remember the refraction of light/shadow through the glass sky. Again if there is a glass sky. Why because we launch rockets and space shuttles and it would damage this glass and it would fall to earth. For those that know the truth. Nano technology ToOL
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