Also the centrifugal force, if the earth spins, will make …

Comment on Heliocentric theory is wrong (pt1) by Ed.

Also the centrifugal force, if the earth spins, will make us to weight less at the equator than the pole, because at the equator we rotate faster and the centrifugal force is greater.

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Heliocentric theory is wrong (pt1)
Sorry for my English, Ok, there’s a inertia that keeps the movement, because if you throw anything with an horizontal velocity it will keep it if anything force like wind affect it, but… The earth can’t carry the air with its movement, and theoretically if you throw something vertically, at the equator, it will goes with an horizontal speed of 460 m/s approximately, because of the momentum. But the wind will goes away at the same speed and it will stop the inertial speed.
Also, if you try to probe that wind move together with earth, you may don’t know the centrifugal force, because at the highs speeds of the earth the air will rotate like in a centrifugal machine, the heavy elements like oxygen will go to external atmosphere and the light like hydrogen could keep at the surface, but will doesn’t breath hydrogen, and if you go to the external atmosphere there isn’t oxygen, when because the centrifugal it might have more air that the surface. One probe to the heliocentricity can be that the atmosphere is stay and the earth rotates. Buy all we know that it’s false. I have some others probes, if you like to see that probes tell me. Finally if you don’t know the NASA throw it’s rockets like if the earth don’t rotates, because it doesn’t affect the trajectory, it may be because the earth really not rotates, maybe…. They take this inclination when going out earth not to cancel the momentum, no, its to break the gravity force easily, and to be theoretically stopped when they goes out, it means that the earth moves 1660kmh from the rocket, but it’s relatively and really the rocket is moving and the earth stopped

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