Parallax is not difficult, if you have the equipment. Why are …

Comment on Heliocentric theory is wrong (pt1) by Joel Harris.

Parallax is not difficult, if you have the equipment.

Why are meteors more numerous and faster after midnight and looking east? Earth spin, Earth rotation around the sun

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Geostationary satellites
I just made a time lapse movie from my backyard and got GOES 13 in it, with 10 other GEOs.

Polar satellites
I have seen many polar orbiting satellites since the 70’s. One passed thru my eyepiece when looking at M13. Then next night I was looking at M13 again, at it passed thru the eyepiece again. Sounds like a 11:58 sat to me.

Disappearing stars
The exposures are too short for stars. Period.
If they had it on ISO 1600 and longer exposures they would get them, but the sun and the earth would be way over exposed.
You know that they did get stars from the moon too.

Geostationary satellites
When I graphically draw a geo sat at 23,000 miles, its most northerly limit is 80.22 degrees, on the ball earth. That agrees with what I expected.
Did you compensate for the greater distance that the more northerly observer is from the geo sats, which is about 13% more than an equatorial observer, on a globe? Where it is only 1.5% percent on a flat earth.

Geostationary satellites
Using positions, the geos are optically verified.
I usually find them with in 1/8 of a degree using Stellarium.

Light bends down in our atmosphere, not up. That is why we have more than 12 hrs of sunlight at the equinoxes, even when including the top vs the bottom of the sun’s limb.

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