Gravity may be a push, but that doesn’t actually matter. …

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Gravity may be a push, but that doesn’t actually matter. Whichever you assume, push or pull, it has the same effect. And it is pretty clear that it is caused by mass.
Also, the whole “100km and then it spins” thing is obviously ridiculous and couldn’t possibly be true! Luckily it isn’t. Your altitude doesn’t matter at all. It is instead the relative speed. If you negate the velocity given to you by the surface (assuming the Earth is spinning), the surface will spin under you. And if you negate your velocity relative to the sun given to you by Earth, Earth will speed away. But you need a force to escape Earth’s gravity tugging you along. The key to all this is conservation of angular momentum, which has been confirmed to exist. An isolated system that is spinning will spin forever- no outside force needed. Why did Earth start spinning? The early universe must have been spinning. Why? No idea. But you don’t know how a geocentric universe came into existence either. If you think about it, why shouldn’t things spin? Of all the different speeds and directions the universe could spin in, what are the odds that it would be zero?

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Hey, did you know about an experiment done in the 19th century that proves the aether? Two scientists built an apparatus that would measure the exact optical properties of light, figuring that a clear deviation from the mainstream laws of optics would prove the aether’s existence and thus the invalidity of heliocentrism. Sure enough, they got the expected deviation. They did it again… And again… And again… Every time, getting the same results! I love this site, keep it up! (No link, I don’t know how to…)

Now, if you believed all that, you are blindly believing a higher authority and your credibility has jumped off a cliff. If you were still skeptical by the end, good. Be skeptical of ALL sources, not just the ones you disagree with. Like, say, laughing off Newton, but worshipping that 19th century plumb bob experiment thing, is the wrong thing to do.

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