7. Parallax in the star fields as a consequence of …

Comment on Heliocentric theory is wrong (pt2) by Baba.

7. Parallax in the star fields as a consequence of earth’s rotation round the centre of gravity of the solar system.

Nearly all the stars in the sky have no detectable parallax, even by modern equipment; and those that do, show such a tiny movement that the only way for heliocentric theory to work is to use astronomical distances for the stars in the millions of light years where 1 light year is equal to 9.46 trillion km! It has also been proven through both the path of the Sun and George Airy that heliocentricity is 100% false and so there is no “solar system” or “Earth’s rotation” to discuss. See part 1.

This argument is stronger when you consider the sun’s motion thru space; it does about 400 million miles a year, substantially more than the radius of the earths orbit. That’s about a light year every 1,000 years, and yet we see the same constellations the Babylonians drew.

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