R.E. Speed of light is always relativ to something. There …

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R.E. Speed of light is always relativ to something. There no such thing as a constant speed of light (SOL)
I quote from that very good site: « It is true that Maxwell had deduced the value of ‘c’ (speed of light) mathematically after experimenting on electromagnetism but he didn’t know to which reference frame this speed of light applies. While scientists were pondering on this reference frame issue, Einstein mesmerised the scientific folk with his weird maths and said that the SOL (3×108m/sec) deduced by Maxwell must be applicable to every observer irrespective of their reference frame and made the crowd to believe in the absurd law he proposed i.e. the law of constant speed of light.»

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Heliocentric theory is wrong (pt2)
3×10^8, of course ( a little 8)

Heliocentric theory is wrong (pt2)
Last vid of LSC is clear about that

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There is glass in the sky
«This means all meteors/asteroids/comets must come from ejections from the Sun»
How many tons of meteors fall on earth soil every year?
«An annual Leonid shower may deposit 12 or 13 tons of particles across the entire earth».
That might be about 72000 tons just for Leonids since the creation, assuming 6000 years for it.
Isn’t it too much for our small Sun?

Heliocentric theory is wrong (pt1)
‘Said’ can mean just ‘sound’.
As in the sonoluminiscence case in the cavitation phenomenon.
With sound, light is created inside a bubble.
And cavitation might well be have an important role in the quick creation of life.

Concave Earth Theory
Mouns life time (2.2 µs) is quite weird too.

Concave Earth Theory
Those neutrino beams may be the only convincing scientific experiment that could prove Earth is not concave. But, remember that in the concave model aether must be present and so dinamic as neutrinos. And what would be the relationship between eather and neutrinos and their anti-matter counterparts, when we still don’t know much about about them (so little that even weird (http://debunkingrelativity.com/) ‘light speed constant’ was broken by those neutrinos in 2012…)
To use so little particles that we know so little about as only proof that Earth is not concave is rather weird too.

Concave Earth Theory
A job for scientist, I agree. Surely, not for lientists…
Thank you Steve.
🙂 I am glad you like the idea. I guess there must be several ways to measure distance between ballons WH.

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