Even more interesting would be its position in the sky …

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Even more interesting would be its position in the sky at that time as seen from those two locations.

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Heliocentric theory is wrong (pt2)
That’s even more interesting. And think about all the other movements going on, our solar system, all the other solar systems etc.

This is an early article. I later learned that by parallax they usually mean the left/right eye difference, and LSC showed a video on that subject where he couldn’t find any actual movement of stars which followed that principle. Plenty of diagrams, but no actual observations.

Heliocentric theory is wrong (pt2)
Testing the Earth is civil engineering. On a side note, how do you test rockets? I’m interested after watching this video and hearing about problems with large vacuum chamber facilities. It would be great to get some details from you so we could get to the truth of the matter with rockets. So many varied opinions on the subject.

The rest of your argument against the thermosphere being hot has already been addressed in the article. Not repeating it here.

Heliocentric theory is wrong (pt2)
Acceleration can mean either change in velocity or direction. The centripetal force of gravity would perfectly cancel the centrifugal “force” of inertia if the orbit was circular. As it is with orbits being elliptical, satellites speed up and slow down as they approach periapse and apoapse, respectively.

I know this. Someone has already called me up on it in another article. Maybe this article is a bit old and I forgot to update it.

You might want to check out Kerbal Space Program. It’s quite fun and moddable, and will really help you understand the orbital mechanics central to heliocentric theory. After all, if you try to make a case against something you don’t understand, someone will call you out on it

You might want to test the curvature of the Earth before dreaming up theories to suit your own assumptions. Don’t worry, I’ll be doing it for you soon enough 🙂

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Thanks Trevin.

I like alternative theories to gravity because I don’t believe in the official narrative. The question is if any of these theories is true or not? I don’t know. At the moment I am sticking with gravity coming from the sun. What that is, I don’t know.

“As another separate thing, I know that gravity is a pull and not a push because of tops; tops can’t spin with their sides as close to the ground as they get without these sides being pushed directly to the ground if gravity is a push. ”

I don’t think wobble matters either way. It’s the angular momentum keeping the top up, isn’t it?

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Heliocentric theory is wrong (pt1)
One possibility (look under “planets”): http://www.wildheretic.com/what-are-the-astronomical-bodies/

Personally, I much prefer the other idea that retrograde motion is caused by speed variation/planet tilt. The idea in my CET is that the sun is the outermost body near the center of the cavity and spins the slowest. The rest are inside the sun’s orbit a little bit closer to the center of the cavity. Sometimes when a planet gets too close to the sun/moon it is attracted/repelled to or from that body (or maybe other planets as well) which slows the planet down, or speeds it up. Something like that.

It has been a while since I looked at Jupiter in Stellarium and got latitude readings at the equator over 5 years, so my mind isn’t fresh on the above theory. I have yet to get the longitude data for Jupiter for example and compare it to the sun’s position.

It isn’t something I am concentrating on right now.

There is glass in the sky
Very difficult question. I don’t know. I assume the creator(s) of this biosphere. What then is the purpose of this biosphere?

The glass could be needed to add extra pressure to keep the flood waters below the earth, and/or to block out some of the harsh sunlight radiation. It seems to be a key component to the biosphere.

Why hide the concave earth?
Monsters Inc is older than this article I think, so I would say they got it from the source, which is Monroe’s books.

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