In Talmud it is said, that Earth and Heaven are …

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in Talmud it is said, that Earth and Heaven are connected like two parts of apple and cannot exist without each other. Maybe from here idea of round, ball like Earth.
When I look through telescope, I have feeling, that I look into microscope.
When this Austrian Baumgartner jumped from quite high, he said, that sky is completely dark and there’s no visible Sun, Moon or Stars.
At the height of about 30 km something strange happens. Human optics, eye cannot see no more objects. Only bellow is seen light clouds. Maybe there bellow is sun, moon and stars, so called rakia – firmament.

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Heliocentric theory is wrong (pt2)
Scorpio constellation is visible from South Pole to Spain. So, I don’t understand, how someone for example in Ireland or Iceland can be born under Scorpio sign?

There’s 2 zodiacs: Sidereal & Tropical Zodiac. Now most widely is used Tropical Zodiac, introduced by Ptolemy to solve Axial precession problem.

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Heliocentric theory is wrong (pt2)
Moon illusion: There’s full Moon in India. Somebody pickups phone in Germany: yes, there’s also full Moon. Quite a distance, but Moon appears the same size.

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Is the moon an optical illusion?

in 1946 to bounce radar signals off the Moon

It was the first demonstration that terrestrial radio signals could penetrate the ionosphere.

Bendy light – the evidence
I think, bendy light should be expanded to space-time continuum topic.

Bendy light – the evidence
But how Lighthouses are used. As I know, signal from them is seen as far as 20 km. And it gives straight, not bended signal. Average ship sailor can drive with this help ship into harbor.
Let’s say you’re Hitman, and you must kill target 300 meters away with optical zoom. Will you aim 30 meters up to hit?
What I mean, there’s difference, where lights bend and where material object is.
Light bending is mirage.

Is the moon an optical illusion?
As I know, Moon always appear to the right of the Sun. But now it’s winter and in northern hemisphere Sun appears in south only for several hours. Interesting, what will be Moon path.
It’s good, that you have video camera. Especially take notice of last Moon phase, when Moon starts diminish, then it’s movement is most anomalous. Sometimes it hangs whole night in one place, sometimes moves backward. It contradicts heliocentric and current astrophysics postulates.

Is the moon an optical illusion?
Just wanted to tell about moon appearance. It happened last year, on October 30. On previous day (29) I noticed, that on 08.08 p.m. moon is visible (it was full moon week, moon was kinda yellowish). It was 08.00 p.m. I looked through the window, east, south-east, moon was not visible. Then I went to smoke to another room, so it’s about 2 min. Returned – look through window – babah – moon fully visible. At first I thought, that moon rised, but my house is on hill and hill goes further towards east, south-east (where moon was). So on sea level it was good 30 degrees. Moon definitely appeared out of nowhere. Maybe it was catched by someone on video, but I got evidence with my own eyes.

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