Holes near the poles

There are three main pieces of third-party evidence for relatively small holes fairly near where the geographical poles are located, especially the north pole. I haven’t included Admiral Byrd’s testimony of both his south and north pole hole fly-through because of its military source. It could be that US navy intelligence weren’t as sophisticated in their propaganda techniques as they are today and the account is accurate enough; but I still view it as inadmissible because of who he was. Also worth mentioning that the only evidence for the south pole hole is the book The Smokey God and Byrd’s testimony above.

Video of the north pole hole
Hearsay accounts
Findings and observations at the north pole
Exact Location of the North Pole Hole

Video of the north pole hole

You probably already know the video showing the hole in the north pole from the view of what seems to be a hovering helicopter. It has obvious questions of authenticity, but could just as easily be real as it could be fake.

(Click to animate). The air current is moving into the north pole. This clockwise movement is really anti-clockwise when viewed side-on in a concave Earth which corroborates with the East to West anti-clockwise direction of the Sun.
The north pole hole is rotating anti-clockwise when viewed from the side in a concave Earth, which is the same as the Sun.

There are of course plenty of other suggestive videos of the north pole hole.

Hearsay accounts

1. The Smokey God
The book The Smokey God is one of the weaker pieces of evidence. The author was the survivor of a trip through the north pole with his fisherman father. Both Norwegians had heard of the story of a warm land beyond the north pole and decided to attempt the very perilous voyage in their small fishing vessel. Lucky to survive the trip, the two 19th century fishermen were eventually picked up by another wooden vessel with Caucasian giant men (+/-12 ft) on board who had only heard about our land inside the Earth through their own legends. The giants were supposed to have some rail system of unknown propulsion and so in some instances their technology was “ahead” and a bit different to ours, certainly for the 19th century. The Sun was a dull red colour and looked “smokey” hence the title of the book. There was no night, only daytime and they believed in a God in the sky. There is possible video evidence of this dull-red sun revealed in the documentary below (thanks Trigun):

smokey god sun
(Click to animate). Between 03:19 to 03:52 there are two sun reflections on the ship – one small yellow one on the front left side and another much larger red glare on the back. Refraction?

In the book, nature itself is ginormous on the other “side” with everything being of giant size from trees to the wildlife which was in abundance. After staying two years, they followed the river system back to our world which turned out to be via a perilous journey through the south pole. The father died and the son was supposed to have been flung off the boat during a storm and on to a large iceberg, which seems a little far-fetched. He told his story after returning home and was put in a mental asylum where he stayed for many years until he was released and emigrated to America where he cautiously wrote down his story for someone else who then published it in 1907.

Is his account true or not? The last part seems a bit dubious and I would have been fairly skeptical were it not for another source from a completely different region of the world – the amazon jungle.

2. The Macuxi tribe
According to various websites which have cut and pasted the same story (source unknown), the Macuxi tribe of northern Brazil routinely visited the “other side” of the Earth through a windy cave which changed its direction of air flow every few days. The passage through to the other side became increasingly quicker the deeper they went, until halfway through there was no more gravity. Then gravity started to increase again until they were on the other side. The race of the people on this new side was unspecified, but were said to be giants 10 to 12 feet in height. The vegetation and animals were said to be huge also and plentiful, both points corroborating The Smokey God. Telling the secret to three English explorers who also visited the other side in 1907 put an end to the passageway, with the giants traveling in the reverse direction to the jungle in order to tell the Indians the bad news. The Indians who stayed on the other side grew in size to between giant and normal.

3. Windy caves
Also interesting is the fact that this cave alternated its air current direction which may suggest that the holes in the poles also do the same. Lots of other caves have this “breeze” phenomenon, such as Wind cave in the US which, funnily enough, is also linked to the underworld in native American lore. There is also Blowing Cave in which, drum roll… was also allegedly linked to the underworld (but not any more due to cave-ins), particularly the Shaver mysteries.

4. Etidorpha
There is yet another tie-in with the Amazon jungle account. The low-to-zero gravity condition far beneath the Earth was also reported in the 1897 book Etidorpha. Categorized as fiction but coming across as fact, it is the story of the ex-mason William Morgan who betrays his brotherhood’s secrets and is sent to the other side of the world. This other side turns out to be “spirit” rather then 12 foot giants in paradise.

The journey of ‘I-am-the-man’ is a not-so-subtle allegory of spiritual progression to being a disembodied adept. Along the way he loses his youth, loses sunlight, becomes weightless, stops breathing, can hear without ears, then his heart stops, … and still he lives. Each of this steps is symbolic of a progression to a more ethereal plane of existence.


Whether truth, fiction or something in between, it is still an interesting tie-in. The third piece of evidence is much better and involves observations and findings around the north pole found in countless books by and of explorers.

Findings and observations at the north pole

1. Abundance of temperate climate species
(Source: TerreCreuse). In the book The Open Polar Sea, p. 413, explorer Hays at 78.28° north observed “a yellow-winged butterfly, and–who would believe it–a mosquito…ten moths, three spiders, two bees and two flies.” In his book Three years of Arctic Service, explorer Greely at 81.82° north reported birds of an unknown species, butterflies, bumblebees, so many flies they couldn’t sleep at night, and temperatures between 8 and 10°C. He also found plenty willow to make fire, and much driftwood. A Swedish expedition under Otto Torell found trees floating with green buds on them and among them was found the seed of the tropical Entada Bean which measured 2.25 inches across… and all this near Trurenberg Bay in the Arctic Sea. At 81° north, explorer Sverdrup found so many hares that they named one inlet, Hare Fiord. Also nearly all expedition parties found enough game to keep their exploring parties well fed with meat. These included herds of musk-oxen and reindeer. Captain Beechey saw so many birds on the west coast of Spitzbergen that sometimes a single shot killed thirty of them.

2. Migratory patterns
Then there are the observations of birds and animals migrating north in the Spring and Autumn (Fall):

Explorer Kane reported seeing several groups of Brent Geese, which is an American migratory bird, flying north-east in their wedge-shaped line of flight at 80 degrees 50′ north at Cape Jackson, near Grinnelland in late June 1854.

Explorer Greely makes this statement of the northward migration of bears, “Lieutenant Lockwood, in May, 1882, noticed bear tracks (going north-east) on the north coast of Greenland, near Cape Benet in 83 degrees 3′ N.,” and commented, “…I cannot understand why the bear ever leaves the rich hunting-field of the ‘North Water’ for the desolate shores of the northward.” (THREE YEARS, p. 366)

Greely also wrote about the Ross Gull, “…the observations of Murdoch at Point Barrow show that this bird, in thousands, passes over that point to the north-east in October, none of which were seen to return.” (THREE YEARS, p. 383)

Explorer Adolf Erick Nordenskiold, leader of a Swedish expedition, recorded in The Arctic voyage of 1858-1878, that on May 23, they saw north of Amsterdam Island (by Spitzbergen), “great numbers of barnacle geese…flying towards the north-west, perhaps to some land more northerly than Spitzbergen. (There is no such land on our present-day maps) The existence of such a land,” wrote Nordenskiold, “is considered quite certain by the walrus-hunters, who state that at the most northerly point hitherto reached, such flocks of birds are seen steering their course in rapid flight yet farther toward the north.” (Gardner, p. 160)


3. Higher temperatures further north
There are many more of these reports on the source website as well as numerous findings of higher temperatures at the north pole than expected:

On Jan. 18, 1894 at 79 degrees N. Nansen wrote, “It is curious that there is almost always a rise of thermometer with these stronger winds… A south wind of less velocity generally lowers the temperature, and a moderate north wind RAISES it.” (FARTHEST NORTH, Vol. I, p. 197) Two months later on March 4th, Nansen also wrote, “It is curious that now the northerly winds bring cold and the southerly warmth. Earlier in the winter it was just the opposite.”

In Roald Amundsen’s First Crossing of the Polar Sea, by dirigible, May 12, 1926, this rise in temperature toward the pole was also recorded. Upon leaving Spitzbergen the temperature was -8° centigrade. Then the temperature at the altitude of flight sank steadily from 5° below freezing over King’s Bay to 12° below zero on 88° north on the European side of the pole. from this place it began to rise slowly. The temperature at the pole was 2° below zero. That is an increase of 10°! (FIRST CROSSING, p. 230)

In the soviet flight of Mikhail Gromov, of the Soviet Air Force, in an article titled, Across the North Pole to America, he recorded a similar increase of temperature at the pole. Flying above Franz Josef Land at 13,000 feet, the temperature was minus 16 degrees Centigrade. But at the pole at 8,850 feet the temperature was recorded at minus 8 degrees C–an 8 degree increase in temperature.


4. Animal graveyard
Then there are the carcasses of wooly mammoths in an unending supply along the New Siberian islands. There are so many of these carcasses that there are thousands of professional mammoth tusk hunters who make their living off the ivory. In Marshall B. Gardner’s book A Journey to the Earth’s Interior 1920, there are islands whose supply had yet to be diminished after 100s of years of quarrying tusks which is continually replenished after every storm.

New Siberia and the Isle of Lachon are for the most part only a mass of sand, of ice, and of elephant’s teeth. At every tempest the sea casts ashore new quantities of mammoth’s tusks, and the inhabitants of Siberia carry on a profitable trade in this fossil ivory. Every year during the summer innumerable fishermen’s barks direct their course towards this isle of bones, and during winter immense caravans take the same route, all the convoys drawn by dogs, returning laden with the tusks of the mammoth, weighing each from 150 to 200 pounds. The isle of bones has served as a quarry of this valuable material for export to China for five hundred years, and it has been exported to Europe for upwards of a hundred. But the supply from these strange mines remains undiminished.


A tusk hunter displays a huge tusk found on the Siberian islands.

The quantity of these animal remains increases the further north the hunters travel.

Every year in the season of thawing (in Northern Asiatic Russia) the vast rivers, which descend to the Frozen Ocean in the north of Siberia, sweep down with their waters innumerable portions of the banks and expose to view the bones buried in the soil and excavations left by the rushing waters. It is curious that the more we advance toward the north of Russia, the more numerous do the bone depositories become.


These animals are not suited to polar climes at all, such as the African rhinoceroses:

The tundra has been formed under climatical conditions very similar to the present, which is further confirmed by the geognostic formation of the strata. It has, therefore, long been difficult of explanation for the geologist that just in those sandy strata is found a large number of remains of mammoths, rhinoceroses, etc., that is to say, of animal types which for the present live only in tropical or sub-tropical climates.


These bodies are occasionally fully intact, sometimes with grass and other vegetation still undigested in their mouths. One hunter found a mammoth body twice the size of an elephant in the ice so well preserved that it was used as meat to feed his dogs. A few recently found carcasses can be readily seen on the internet. One fully grown female mammoth was found to have flowing blood!

Scientists say they have managed to find mammoth blood during the excavation of a grown female animal on the Lyakhovsky Islands, the southernmost group of the New Siberian Islands in the Arctic seas of northeastern Russia. The dark blood was found in ice cavities below the belly of the animal. When researchers broke the cavities with a poll pick, the blood came flowing out. The fact surprised them because the temperature was 10°C below zero… The muscle tissue of the animal was also well-preserved and had a natural red color of fresh meat, added the scientist.


baby mammoth
A very well preserved baby mammoth found in Siberia.

There are even several second-hand accounts of Siberian natives coming across living mammoths. There’s one captured on film supposedly.

A living mammoth taken by a German camera man in 1943 while being transported to Siberia… allegedly. Fake or real? You decide.

If you think this sighting of a living mammoth is impossible, Siberia is a huge mostly inhospitable area of land, very sparsely populated with very large tracts never set foot upon by mankind at all. It took 60 years to find the first living panda and another 30 to find the second one!

In the latter part of the 1800s, everyone thought that the Great Panda was a joke, a hoax and a grand tale that hunters brought back to augment their tales of adventure. Proving the existence of the Panda is a perfect example of how a good sized animal can remain elusive for a long period of time in a given region… It took over 60 years, from when the first expedition was launched in 1869, to find and capture the first panda. Then it was 30+ more years until someone accidentally came across a second one and shot it, thus proving their existence once and for all in 1935.


Pole shift or Pangea?
A warmer land further north on the other side of the world beyond Siberia looks to be a lot more plausible than the physical pole shift idea as an explanation for these carcasses. The fossilized temperate climate tundra underneath the Antarctic ice sheet as evidence of this pole shift can be perhaps better explained by Pangea. When the continents were closer together, Antarctica was much further north in the sub tropics. Pangea also explains why there are many of the same species on continents that would have previously been joined together.

When all the continents are pulled apart Antarctica moves to the south pole.

5. Origin of the polar ice caps
There is also the problem of origin of the huge fresh water ice cap about 1 meter thick in the salty Arctic Sea. The conventional explanation of the huge icebergs sounds reasonable – that they are broken off pieces of glaciers which fall in the ocean.

True icebergs are glacier fragments that have fallen into the sea. Glaciers are made of compacted snow, which is fresh water… Icebergs are huge pieces of ice calved (broken off of) from glaciers (common in Alaska) or another, land-based, continental ice sheet (Antarctica, Greenland, etc.). These are fresh water, as the ice from which they come accumulated on land as snowfall piled on year after year.


This is fine for Antarctica which has a landmass underneath the ice, but not for the polar arctic sea which has no landmass at all… zero, zilch, nada; and yet is entirely covered in about 1m thick ice during the winter months. Oh what about the next nearest landmasses, say Greenland, Siberia, northern Canada etc.? Do the glaciers form in winter on these landmasses and due to melting break off in summer and congregate in the large area radially around the north pole?

Most of the ice cap at the north pole is under one year old and all of that is on the Russian Siberian side, but not over the Siberian land mass.
graph of ice sheet
The graph denoting the ages of the ice in two of the above images (2012 and 2013).

As we can see above, only a small part of the north pole ice sheet near Greenland is more than one year old. This means that all that “purple-colored” ice in the above diagram was formed over a landmass that winter if conventional theory is believed; and that landmass is Siberia. But there is no or little ice over the Siberian landmass in winter according to those images. Where has all the ice come from?

The conventional reason given for the fresh water ice at the north pole is that when saltwater freezes the salt isn’t frozen with the ice.

Additionally, “sea ice” that forms from the freezing of sea water is also basically fresh water as well. This is because when saltwater freezes, it excludes salt from the ice crystal lattice. You can test this out yourself in your freezer. Put some saltwater in a pan and place it in your freezer. When some of the water is frozen, skim it out, rinse it with cold water to remove any liquid saltwater on it, and let it melt. Taste both the melted ice and the remaining unfrozen saltwater, and see if one is saltier than the other.


Frozen saltwater may be less salty than unfrozen, but it is not 100% freshwater; and it doesn’t explain that they often contain driftwood, clay and rocks which can only come from a landmass.

The north polar sea is covered by ice which is frozen from fresh water and floats on a salty sea. The origin of so much ice that it covers thousands of square miles, has been a long-time puzzle to scientists. The ice that covers the Arctic Ocean is salt-less. Explorer Nansen noticed that the icebergs in the Arctic Ocean are stratified and that they often contain driftwood, clay and rocks. This obviously indicates that these icebergs originate in rivers which have slowly frozen over causing the stratification layers of water freezing as it flowed over ice wedged between it’s banks, where rocks and clay were scraped off when the bergs eventually were pushed out to sea. However, there are not enough rivers or even glaciers around the polar sea to give origin to so much ice. So where do the icebergs come from?


It is interesting that all the new ice comes from the Russian side where all the animal remains come from. If the hole is anywhere it will be around this area towards Siberia.

Exact Location of the North Pole Hole

The fact that it is northern Siberia experiencing all these animal remains and nowhere else strongly suggests that the north pole hole is not situated exactly on the geographic north pole but further towards Russia. In his book World Top Secret: Our Earth Is Hollow, Rodney M. Cluff has worked out where the north pole hole should be when taking all the evidence into account.

So I just drew a few lines on a map in the direction the mirage of land was observed: northeast of Franz Josef Land in the direction Olaf Jansen sailed, northwest of Axel Heiberg Island near Ellesmere Island, Northern Canada from where Peary observed Crockerland to be located, as well as Cook’s Bradley land that he took a photo of northwest of his trek to the pole in 1906 from Ellsemere Island Canada, north of the New Siberian Islands from where the Russians had seen their Sannikov land, and north of Alaska from where Captain Keenan had seen a mirage of land to the north. These lines all seemed to cross at 84.4 N Lat, 141 E Lon.


north pole hole
Page 17 of the book World Top Secret: Our Earth Is Hollow shows the estimated location of the north pole hole at 84.4 N Lat, 141 E.

He goes one step further invoking the help of a supposed retired military officer (which sounds a bit dodgy to me) to narrow it down to 87.7 N Lat, 142.2 E Lon.


  • There are three categories of evidence known to the author of holes near the poles, especially, the north one. The first piece is a video of the north pole hole, which may or may not be real. The rotation is anti-clockwise when viewed from the side of a concave Earth.
  • There are four “known-to-the-author” second-hand accounts of another “side” to the Earth which have coincidental correlations: 1. The smokey God – giants on the other side; 2. The Macuxi tribe – also giants, windy caves and low to zero gravity in between worlds; 3. Other windy caves and their connection with the underworld; 4. Etidorpha – low to zero gravity, but spirit not giants on the “other side”.
  • There are 5 categories of observations at the north pole which strongly indicate at hole near Russia: 1. An abundance of temperate climate species; 2. Odd migratory patterns; 3. Higher temperatures further north; 4. A near unending supply of temperate climate animal carcasses along the New Siberian Islands ranging from old to very fresh; 5. The origin of north polar ice cap’s 100% fresh water content cannot be adequately explained.
  • Using the above information and more, Rodney M. Cluff estimates the exact location of the north pole hole to be 84.4 N Lat, 141 E.

These accounts of the holes near the poles (albeit, almost exclusively the north pole hole) also shed some light on their magnetic orientation which in turn tells us about another type of magnetic field inside the Earth cavity – the electric field. This in turn reveals how the Sun is powered and why it moves as it does.

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  1. Observer says:

    This interesting link was just shared by SMJ at CluesForum:


    The link is mixture of misinformation, disinformation, together with some interesting diamonds of truth. 🙂

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  2. RLBaker says:

    Wild Heretic, love your site and point people to it all the time. But recently, on this topic of the holes at the poles, our beneficent lord, Steven Christ, in his infinite wisdom, has banned me from the fb group and the web forum for suggesting that Earth has two sides linked by these holes! I was wondering why you are not similarly banned? I seem to have escaped being put on the detention list, but apparently I have ‘ego’ issues. What is all that about?!? Any thoughts?
    Perplexed, Richard.

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  3. Mr. Li says:

    There are no holes on the Poles. We do live in a Multiverse, Black holes do not exist it is about Black Stars, and the Global Warming is Albert’s Gore imagination.

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  4. LoveThyGodWithAllHeartSoulMind says:

    Hi WH,

    I have been reading your site for the best part of a year and thank you for your diligent work. I am on board with the the concave earth “theory” but unsure about some specific details which I will verify over time upon further research.

    As to the Holes Near the Poles article, I think you will find this book very interesting reading, assuming you haven’t already heard of it:

    Paradise Found: the Cradle of the Human Race at the North Pole (1885) by William Fairfield Warren, the 1st President Of Boston University


    The book hypothesizes that the Garden Of Eden was actually located at the North Pole, and goes into the Biblical evidence as well as accounts from various cultures around the world, showing how they corroborate on a lot of details regarding an Earthly Paradise and the North Pole.

    I am a Bible believer, and I also wonder if the centre of the Celestial Sphere is where the account of Luke 16 is based on (I know it is talking about spirits, but I think that “spiritual worlds” co-exist with a or within a “physical world” – (trying to avoid using the word ‘dimension’ too, lol). Interestingly, Matthew 12:40 reads “For as Jonas was three days and three nights in the whale’s belly; so shall the Son of man be three days and three nights in the heart of the earth.” The biblical account does not match the Nicene Creed about Jesus “Descended into Hell”, but to Abraham’s bosom (Luke 16) which appears to be in the Celestial Sphere (the Heart/Centre of the Earth).

    I have more to say about the Biblical account and can go more into detail if you wish, but I’ll see how you react to the above information first though.

    All the Best.

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    • Wild HereticWild Heretic says:

      Hi Michael,

      I didn’t know about that book. Thanks for that. It is interesting that the Smokey God author said the same about Eden being the place past the north pole, and that book was published in the early 20th century (but the story took place in the 19th).

      The bible is a very tricky on for me. I’m not really religious, but I do see all accounts as historical sources with varying degrees of trustworthiness, which includes the bible. Firstly, I think the Ethiopian cannon contains the most books (81?) but not translated into English I believe. Why the extra books were left out I am not sure. Supposedly, the Sumerian accounts go into more detail in a few of the old testament stories, but then I am very suspicious of Sitchin and the like if the source comes from him.

      The main issue I have with the bible is the translation. It seems it can be translated in a few ways, each one correct. I’ve also read a couple of great interpretations of where and when the stories took place in the bible. Beyond the north pole is another possibility perhaps for the garden of Eden. I’ll eventually look at the flood, as I am a believer in that global event.

      I am a Bible believer, and I also wonder if the centre of the Celestial Sphere is where the account of Luke 16 is based on (I know it is talking about spirits, but I think that “spiritual worlds” co-exist with a or within a “physical world” – (trying to avoid using the word ‘dimension’ too, lol).

      I like the other worlds/parallel worlds theory – sort of related to “glitches in the matrix”. I sometimes wonder if there really is a here and there, at least, at a more subtle level of reality. Obviously there is on our physical one, at least we perceive a here and there. It could be that the polar holes are magnetic wormhole type things that transpose us into a world which is really here and now inter-meshed with this one. I mean is reality just a huge bunch of worlds in the same “location” but separated by vortices or wormholes… not all of which have to be at the poles, just the main ones? I really don’t know.

      Interestingly, Matthew 12:40 reads “For as Jonas was three days and three nights in the whale’s belly; so shall the Son of man be three days and three nights in the heart of the earth.” The biblical account does not match the Nicene Creed about Jesus “Descended into Hell”, but to Abraham’s bosom (Luke 16) which appears to be in the Celestial Sphere (the Heart/Centre of the Earth).

      Quite a while ago, I read someone saying that Jesus only had half the chromosomes as normal and was manufactured by the angles and was brought up through the bowels of the Earth and then down again. I think the sect of his family lived in caves, maybe a connection there. I can’t find the link now, but he claimed to have met two angles in a cave in the middle East… mmmmmm okay, not sure about the veracity of that story lol.

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  5. Bob says:

    Interesting to note here is that most of us are told that the north pole is where a magic man lives in a toyland paradise. Socrates would tell us that our briny atmosphere fell down to here or settled to this location in some way. The video shows air flowing DOWN into the north pole hole. If it does this all the time then the following theory is likely correct.
    Socrates also tells us we are between two worlds one that is evil and one that is… well better than here let’s call it.
    The evil one is BELOW us and the better one is ABOVE us.
    Above does not have to mean the sky here. It can just mean the next cave that is closer to the true surface and more civilized societies. But would also mean air falls down through it.
    Also i would think a steady supply of air pressure moving in the same direction always would assist in the consistent spin of the stars.
    If all weather and water ‘flows’ ultimately to the north it could be that all our air and water is supplied through the south pole openings and that creates the vortex that spins the material in the middle and may even hold it there to some degree.

    There is a hardcore military blockade you would need to pass to approach the south pole it is classified and ALL off limits to civilians.
    All the ‘weather’ stuff there requires military clearance. Anything there does.

    Whereas there is a warning to not approach the north. That’s all just a warning because only death awaits you.

    Lots of ancient stories describe this as a purgatory, a world between worlds, good above, evil below.
    All we need to know is which way is up.

    I submit the theory that the way OUT of this place is SOUTH.

    The only way to get through it is with DIPLOMACY.

    As fighting an advanced race that built your sun and controls your world is as stupid as stupid gets.

    We would have to grow up and use our big boy words to negotiate peaceful passage. And those words would need to be backed up by our actions.

    If the above is true there should be no greater purpose for mankind than making friends with our neighbors.
    A much better use for tax money than blowing up independent peoples.
    Me thinks the ‘below’ cave might be playing a BIG role in our political system…. while the ‘above’ cave lives vicariously, using us as avatars to fight the opponent they don’t really want to destroy, they just want to play with. Like a really big mmorpg.

    It is ‘complicated’.

    *Readers relax and breathe. The above is just a theory and that means it is imaginary and can never be true. Your personal beliefs are still safe in the cage that you have made for them. Just as safe as you are in the cage that was made for you.

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  6. Valiant says:

    Very nice summary of much of the literature relating to the polar openings. What about the literature about the Nazis escaping via South America and Antarctica to the other side? I am referring, for example, to the book: Genesis of A New Space Age by John B. Leith. Then there is operation HighJump. And, by the way, the theosophist founder, Helena Blavatsky also makes a passing reference to “the Giants” in the far north and The Imperishable Sacred Land in The Secret Doctrine (refer: davidpratt/inner1.htm).

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    • Wild HereticWild Heretic says:

      I have heard about the Nazis and the south pole connection, but not that book in particular. I must check it out. Could be a chrimbo present for someone.
      Certainly all those 50s and 60s “Venusians” with German accents and their “model T-ford” UFOs are all Nazi craft in my book. Also very dodgy that the supposed leader of the land beyond the south pole had a German accent. Not nazis as that is probably too soon (1947 I think), but there were rumours of a breakaway German civilization in the 1600s who eventually made it through the crust to the other side. It’s on the internet somewhere.

      And, by the way, the theosophist founder, Helena Blavatsky also makes a passing reference to “the Giants” in the far north and The Imperishable Sacred Land in The Secret Doctrine (refer: davidpratt/inner1.htm).

      She seems to be right (not sure about her other stuff though).

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      • Valiant says:

        There is much reason, in my view, to take seriously the expanding earth theory. One example is the considerable age difference between the earth crust on ocean floors compared to that of the continental land mass. The Land of no Horizon, by Kevin & Matthew Taylor while not based on the concave earth model provides some interesting models of planet Earth’s formation and growth/expansion.

        Can the idea of an expanding earth be incorporated into the concave earth theory ? If so, how ? (I have also posted this on the ConcaveEarthSociety website:

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        • Wild HereticWild Heretic says:

          Good question, and yes it can. In fact, I stumbled into Pangaea by wondering about the magnetic effect of the holes near the poles acting as an H-field. In other words, it was as if the earth is the space between two attracting magnets. I wondered if this very strong attraction, especially enhanced by the magnetic Sun, was even keeping the Earth together. So all the crust may be formed around an attractive magnetic field (which is the same as an electric field BTW). If you take this AMF away, or lessen it enough, you could get massive Earth expansion, which is Pangea.

          Pangea could be sudden and cause a LOT of problems to say the least. In fact, it would wipe out everything and start it all anew. That’s where the cyclical “myths” come from I think. I want to go into this properly at a later date as it ties together very well with the creation myths etc.

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        • Q says:

          On the subject of ‘carbon dating’ ..is it even reliable?

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          • Wild HereticWild Heretic says:

            Fomenko and others say definitely not. I remember reading that they blind tested it on recent objects whose age was known and the results came back before with a massive variance of all sorts of ridiculous ages. So no.

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      • RLBaker says:

        Erm, there are the Nazi hollow earth documents that have come from the Russian documentary makers, (see YT user vlad9vt or google it). Where they given some land? The rumour is that New Berlin has been founded on the other side. There is loads more on the Nazi thing, as you can imagine….

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  7. Roy says:

    What do you reckon the auroras relationship with the holes is? What truly are planets? I’ve seen the structure of eddy currents being compared to the northern lights. Beyond being plasma discharge from the sun colliding with the crystalline sky, do they serve a greater purpose? Judging by that video footage recorded at the north pole, the energy flow seemed very similar to that of the auroras. Metaphorically, the Norse, Saami, and Eskimos describe them as “spirits dancing in the sky”. If the sun is merely a “transformer” of electromagnetic energy/light, where do you think the power source exists?

    This is incredible, WH. Thank you for the expansive and highly critical research you’ve done so far. Could the moon’s apparent rigidness and craters be asteroid discharge, and the moon itself be a reflection of the “dying” sun? Could the holes be “stems” leading to the “roots” of what the earth/universe is grounded upon? The source? Pardon me for the barrage of questions, but I’ve just been thinking really hard about this. What are your theories, WH? Which avenues have I not considered here?

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    • Wild HereticWild Heretic says:

      Its close enough. Eerily close. I’ll come back to this article in due time.

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    • Wild HereticWild Heretic says:

      I reckon it is this power source of moving aether (or whatever you want to call it) that is traveling through the holes which are creating the auroras on the glass 100km up. I think the power source comes from outside the Earth and enters through the holes. But what is the aether? or whatever it is that powers everything? I don’t know.

      What is outside? Here is an idle speculation: One possible scenario is that this is a dreamworld (spirit?), but a special kind of dreamworld with a special purpose. The purpose (or one of them) I think is reproduction. This place could be a soul factory. The souls produced here are then designated to populate the different dreamworlds (spirit worlds) which have different physical realities because they are not used as a soul factory. It could be that our physical laws like gravity, EM fields etc. are the results of a process of densification or “tailoring” of the dreamworld substance or aether in order to suit reproduction. It could be that before we are born we have been designated a dreamworld to inhabit after death, or that different destinations can be chosen while still in the factory (Earth). This is the “selling one’s soul to the Devil” idea, and perhaps being “born-again” as well etc. This also correlates with the idea that the Earth is a womb, but maybe all dreamworlds are concave or bubbles of reality – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dG22TcpjRnY

      However, I think a person has more than a soul and a body. It is said that there is also a spirit and possible many other energy bodies all attached to a body. Spirit might not be attached to a body at all but the operator or “player” in a virtual Earth computer game.

      Just a few ideas.

      Also, the fact that theses dreamworlds need a constant supply of souls suggests that either the inhabitants need variety or get bored easily, or more dramatically that souls can die. Perhaps it is the spirit that is eternal… or maybe not. Hard to say as our minds are puny.

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      • RLBaker says:

        Yes, spirit is eternal in as much as you are alive now and now is all there is. But if you go there, you are chasing your tail all the way down a very long rabbit hole. It is easier to say, yes, essentially, we are immortal and yes, just as there are many worlds so every ‘Thing’ has many bodies, each body appropriate to the world we are in. Then, realise that at any one ‘time’ at least two of these worlds are always overlapping. Space and counter-space. Mortality and immortality. Matter and Spirit. Thoughts? ;-))

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      • Q says:

        Not to discount CET but take into account our current Earth model. Globe with magnetic fields originating at the poles to surround the planet.
        Perhaps these holes are outlets of a power source?

        How do we account for volcanoes in a concave world?

        I watched a series on History Channel pertaining to giant bones in caves. Funnily this program stated that the Smithsonian denies ever receiving giant bones although they’ve been said by finder to have been donated. Seems as show is said, if In fact these bones are real, why would they be hidden? Denied? By an institution dedicated to our history…

        Sink holes. Seemingly endless ones, must lead somewhere. Has anyone ventured inside as of yet?

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        • Wild HereticWild Heretic says:

          That’s my take on it (power source theory).

          Steve has mentioned volcanoes before. I have a good theory on earthquakes in the concave Earth. Basically piezoelectricity. Look up world wide lightning maps and the tectonic plates, then read about what happens to quartz when it gets electrified on both sides – increased pressure (friction). I’ll be updating an article with that theory.

          Godrules has a good video of the giant cover up.

          Don’t know about sink holes.

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      • Q says:

        Breed factory… Genesis says, “Be fruitful and multiply.”


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      • Q says:

        I posted a link somewhere in your blog from StarGate Atlantis. Season 3 Episode 15. The Game. Thoughts?

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        • Wild HereticWild Heretic says:

          I’ve often said to myself when finding out new info on this blog “What a game!” or “This is the best game I have ever played”.

          At a certain level, I bet this reality is just that. There are probably many perspectives or “truths” though about this reality.

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  8. el guapo says:

    I worry that this could just be one last desperate attempt to hold onto convexity (and outer space) at any cost.

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