How does gravity work?

In the concave Earth, gravity is an exact inversion of the mainstream model. Gravity is a push from the center of the cavity (or thereabouts). It offers the same square law and equatorial decrease as the main model. It is also supported by the Cavendish experiment, albeit with another equally valid interpretation – Bernoulli’s principle.

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  1. Charles says:

    WildHeretic wrote about him before in his electric sun article, but I’d strongly recommend Concavers who haven’t done so yet look up Ken Wheeler’s work on magnetism. He’s got a ton of videos demonstrating his claims on YouTube and a free book. Warning, he’s not a particularly great communicator and he often comes across like a bit of a douchebag, but he’s come up with sort of a unified field theory that explains all of electricity, magnetism, gravity, etc.

    Taken in that context, if there was a pushing motion outwards from the center of the Concave earth, it wouldn’t be straight outward directly from the center to the nearest point on the ground, but it would bend outwards and curve outwards over long distances. Not only might this partially explain some phenomena such as what’s popularly attributed to the Coriolis effect, but possibly also light bending over long distances.

    Just discovered him a few days ago and can’t claim to fully understand his ideas yet, but it’s definitely something that’s worth examination.

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  2. Arturas says:

    Spherical capacitor have the same inverse square law
    as gravity, so gravitons and quantum mechanics is nonsense, also heat transfere through spherical object have the same inverse square law. So we have fractal expamples who don’t need postulates (proof without evidence), same electrical and fluid mechanics have the same priciples and same similar equations, so it is maybe X-files bullshit as best lies sandwiched between truth. Mechanics true Quantum mechanics lie and Quantum black body radiation true.

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