4 thoughts on “How is there night and day?”

  1. on Jan 5th 2016 in COLUMBUS OHIO (5:30-6pm). was out in the yard playing with the kids and could actually see the termination line between night and day. On the dark side you could see all the stars and on the day side I couldn’t see but 1 star peeking thru the blue sky, but it was right on the dark side termination line… not sure if this can show concavity or convexity??? or if it shows anything but the termination line?? been trying to get a picture ever since that day, but winter in ohio is almost cloudy everyday.. it would have made for an awesome picture or even a video if I had a camcorder…

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  2. Da que pensar¡¡ esto es interesante, gracias por tu gran trabajo, la lampara va dando vueltas, quizás la representación holografica de la luna sea la parte trasera de la lámpara de azufre?¡¡. Fotografiada y puesta en escena. saludos

    Da think this is interesting, thank you for your great work, the lamp will be circling, maybe the Moon holographic representation is the back of the sulfur lamp?.!!!! Photographed and put in scene. Best regards

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