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Below are articles on the common questions I and others get asked concerning the Concave Earth theory (CET). For us, this is a brand new theory (2013) catapulted to the forefront by Steven Christopher’s YouTube videos. So obviously we don’t have all the answers; nor do we agree unanimously on every single related topic. For many people, having an alternative explanation for the world around us is necessary before a new theory can be accepted regardless of any experimental proof. Phenomena need to be put in boxes for the mind.

The answers to the questions below are my opinions based on the online research I have so far carried out from 2013 till October 2015 – not anyone else’s theory or possible explanation, just my own. Steven has different answers to some of these questions, so he is worth a look at if you want as much choice as possible. They are not set on stone tablets as the commandments of wildheretic, but more like current ideas or possible (sometimes likely) explanations.

A couple of articles are only one or two sentences and are more redirects to another article. There is no point in repeating stuff. Other questions are quite large essays, especially the last one. If you have a question that is not answered below, please feel free to add it in the comment section and I will do my best to answer it.

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  1. Skip says:

    what are peoples thoughts on Steven Christopher telling people he is the lord? I think while he was in prison.someone taught him all of this or he could be a shill. I’m not speaking in an ill manner. One never fully know the truth. That’s why we ask questions

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    • Wild HereticWild Heretic says:

      Possibly. Maybe ask him?

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    • David says:

      Here is a quote from the lord which I saw on one of his videos where he was arguing with someone:

      “you didn’t really get my humor (being God and having fun with you human puppets, and getting to impose discipline toward the unbelievers soon.) so. yea…

      NSA add Landell N to the FEMA Detention List.

      You have no idea who you are messing with.”

      I always found the lord to be hilarious and was sure he was just messing around claiming to be Jesus, when I read this quote it was confirmed lol

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  2. mark says:

    The lies seem complete – and ain’t it wonderful for us having so many sell out lackeys going along with the cover ups. But I agree that the multidimensional aspect is missing. Meaning, besides the obvious and which is hard to measure (or is it these days?), that there are models which must conform to this more mundane theory. Did say Walter Russell, or Tesla, ever say Anything about what we have above!? Also makes me laugh as regards remote viewers, psychics and channels! I’ve never ever heard any of them say a thing about this totally outrageous possibility – never mind the goings on in the real space program.

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    • Wild HereticWild Heretic says:

      Channelers are the worst. They promote whatever lie is believed by the masses on the day (this century it is heliocentric theory). Ufo occupants used to say they came from Venus as well. Whatever people believed in at the time. Fraudster clowns the lot of them.

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  3. SonoftheFather says:

    Hi WH!

    I have been seeking for truth a long time and lately found out about the hollow earth theory, then flat earth theory and now also have read your material on concave earth. I am fascinated, as I have been interested in the construction of the Universe since childhood. And I am also a believer in one God (the Father) and a follower of Jesus from Nazareth (the Christ). Having said that, I have been a follower of Jesus in a little different way than most Christians – in a way described in what is called the Padgett Messages. These messages are from Jesus and other spirits written 100 years ago through the hand of James E. Padgett. (You can find it here:

    How is this relevant to the concave earth theme? Directly! As I have read those messages, the angels (spirits of men) have used expressions like “earth plane” and “higher/lower spheres”.. I have always had a understanding that God is somehow in the middle of everything and so it was hard to reconcile the NASA Universe model with the “Sphere-structure” model of the Padgett Messages. But now I get the picture!

    It seems to me that:

    – we live on a concave earth plane
    – underneath us is the crust (800 miles thick)
    – below it is the so-called hollow earth realm (with Agartha etc)
    – lower down might be “hells” or places of darkness, farther away from the Central Sphere, where God is located
    – higher up is a glass sky and another heavenly realm, where you can only go as a spirit (without your physical body)
    – there are “up” and “down” – higher and lower planes existing in higher and lower spheres (concave worlds, residing in each-other, like Matrjoshka), a perfect Sphere-structure system created by the Creator (our Father, the God).

    In the Padgett Messages you will find out that there are upper spheres (7 in number) and after that, what are called the Celestial Spheres (not using the terminology of lord Steven here). And in order to get pass the barrier of the 6th sphere, to enter the 7th and into higher (Celestial) spheres, you have to become born again (soul transformation).

    So just letting you know or some spiritual stuff and how it is all connected with the concave theory. I hope I was writing in an understandable way 🙂

    Thanks and be blessed!

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  4. a1pha4ucker says:

    great to see the development of the website!

    not sure if you’ve come across this gent, but perhaps some of his ideas could prove useful:

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